30th Aug           This school was opened this morning with the admission of 200 children aged over 5 and under 11 on 1.9.32. The children have been classified in age-groups calculated 1.9.32 & will be sectionised for attainment in each classroom. Each class has been given an attainment test in the three Rs during the day. The 7 year-old children had to be seated on the floor all day owing to non-arrival of furniture.

2nd Sept.           The scheme for the Supply of Milk daily to the children has been inaugurated today. Strips of linoleum have been procured for each classroom so that the bottles should not mark the polished floors.

17th Sept.         The school was officially opened this afternoon by Ald. William Graveson J. P. Chairman of the Hertfordshire Education Committee supported by County Councillors, County Officials & School Managers. Rev Canon Overton Chairman of the East Barnet Valley School Managers was in the Chair. Among others present were Bishop Lander of Holy Trinity, Dr Gregory of the Wesleyan Church & the Rev Richardson Vicar of Monken Hadley together with the Head Teachers of most of the local Elementary Schls & parents & friends of the children attending the school. Companies of Girl Guides & Boy Scouts provided the Guard of Honour. A silver key with which the opening ceremony was performed was presented by the builder Mr W. O. Porter to Alderman Graveson.

14th Oct.          A Police Officer called this morning & informed me that a policeman would be on duty at the Triangle to assist children in crossing to Lytton Rd during the time covered by School assembly & dismissal.

3rd Nov.           The school will be closed this afternoon owing to the visit of Prince George to High Barnet to perform the opening ceremony of the new Grammar School for Boys.

18th Jan.           There are 108 children absent this morning out of 281 Influenza & Whooping Cough are rife.

26th June          Dark blinds have been fixed in Classroom G at private expense in readiness for the use of the Classroom Cinema.

5th July             This school will be closed all day tomorrow owing to Sunday School Treats.

29th Aug.          The school re-opened this morning. 21 new children have been admitted and 46 chen have been transferred to other schools leaving a Roll of 279.

10th Nov.         As Armistice Day falls on Saturday this year the Scripture lesson today was devoted to a talk on the meaning of the observation of Armistice Day. The four Senior classes were assembled in the Hall for the purpose and the Head Teacher spoke to the chen from the three aspects of Armistice, Remembrance & Peace. The latter aspect was specially stressed also the futility of war. The ideals of the League of Nations were explained simply also the work of the British Legion. Poppies were subsequently sold in all the classrooms.
The children will write their own composition on the meaning of Armistice Day next week.

21st Dec.          The Time Table was abandoned during the afternoon in order that each class could give their Xmas entertainment to the other classes of the school. The whole school assembled in the Hall for the purpose.

29th Jan.           The Caretaker has strained his back badly & has in consequence been unable to be on duty since Saturday morning. His wife is carrying out his duties to the best of her ability in the meantime.

30th Jan.           The new Drill Syllabus (1933) has been distributed to the Staff today.

31st May           The school was closed this afternoon for ½ day to enable children to attend the opening ceremony of the Shenley Mental Home by the King & Queen.

13th June          The children brought bunches of flowers in accordance with the annual custom in New Barnet for presentation to the members of the party of women & children visiting New Barnet today under the auspices of St Giles’s Mission & the Wheatley Homes.

28th Aug.          During the holidays Exhibition Rails have been fixed in all the Class rooms. In the 3 Infant Rooms they are all round the rooms & in the others on the wall at the back of the Class only, in addition to those in the front of the classes.

26th Sept          At 2.50pm this afternoon the whole school were assembled in the Hall to listen to the broadcast of the ceremonial of the launching of Cunarder 534 – the Queen Mary – the Queen performed the christening ceremony & both her voice & that of the Kind were distinctly & clearly heard by all.

27th Sept          The Time Table this afternoon was abandoned as an Open Afternoon for Parents & Friends of the school was held. The majority of the classes were engaged in different forms of handwork thus freeing the class Teachers to answer the questions of the parents & discuss the individual children’s progress. There was a very large attendance of Parents. A cake & confectionary stall realised £6. This money is to be used for the purchase of instruments etc for a “Percussion band” for the Infant classes.

18th Dec.          The Infant School this p.m. abandoned the usual Time Table at 3pm and met in the Hall for a Xmas party. Toys were distributed to each child from the Xmas tree and Games were indulged in until 5pm. 

8th May             A book entitled “King George V’s Silver Jubilee 1910-1935” written by Commander Stephen King-Hall had previously been presented to each child on the school Roll for the week ending 3rd May.

8th May             The Time Table of the school has been modified today to enable the classes to rehearse parts of the procedure for the service etc at Folly Farm tomorrow where Chens tea, Amusements, Sports etc. are to take place in connection with the Jubilee celebrations.

13th May          The childrens tea sports etc were conducted at Folly Farm yesterday in fine weather.

27th June          The Head Teacher assisted by the Infant Assistant Miss Fram is taking a party of children (comprising the Leavers at the end of the Term) on the Dock & River cruise organised by the Port of London Authority this afternoon.

23rd Jan.           This afternoon the children with the exception of the Infants were paraded in the playground to watch the passing of the train bearing the late King George back to London from Sandringham. The train passed the school at 2.31pm.

24th Jan.           The Royal proclamation of the accession of his Majesty King Edward VIII is taking place in front of the Council Offices this afternoon at 3.45pm. The Junior School children aged 7½-10 ½ are being taken to hear the proclamation read.

27th March       On Saturday 21.3.36 a Team of girls from the school took part in the Children’s Competition of the Hertfordshire Branch of the English Folk Dance & Song Society. The Cromer Rd Team gained a First Class Certificate with the highest award of marks 89%.

27th July           A radiogram has been installed & extensions provided to each classroom. Two loud speakers for use in the Classrooms enable more than one class at a time to use the Programme. It is intended to follow some of the course for Junior Schools provided by the B.B.C. during the ensuing term.

11th Dec.          The abdication of King Edward VIII is to take effect today. The Head Teacher spoke to the children assembled in the Hall this morning on the meaning of the word “Abdication” – the sorrow of the Nation at the voluntary act of the King. The meaning of the words “Bill” “Proclamation” and “Accession”.

12th Jan.           Arrangements had been made to take 75 children from Classes I & II to the pantomime this afternoon. The Pantomime being visited is “What’s to become of Fairies?” at the Piccadilly Theatre & the children are travelling by Private L.P.T.B. motor bus from school gate & back.

14th May          As part of the programme of Coronation celebrations, all the children are to assemble in the School playground at 11.15am to be marched round to the Cinema to Lytton Rd for a performance lasting from 11.45am to 1.45pm.

24th May          During the holidays a piano has been delivered to the School. It is a John Broadwood Upright Pianoforte (second hand) in Rosewood Case, No. 115239 which has been supplied by John Broadwood & Son at a cost of £36 nett.     
18th June          The Hd Teacher left school at 2.20pm this afternoon to attend the Official opening of the Modern Schl East Barnet.

8th July             The School is being dismissed at 11.50pm today & will re-assemble at 1.50pm when the Registers will be marked & the whole School will then proceed to Maw’s Sports Ground. Every child takes part in the programme the majority of the events being Team contests between the four Houses of the School

14th Sept.         A portable aluminium sign reading STOP CHILDREN CROSSING EAST BARNET U.D.C. has been delivered here today. This sign is to be used by the Caretaker in accordance with H.C.C. instructions at the junctions of Plantagenet, Leicester, Potters & Cromer Rds.

26th April         27 new children were admitted which included 8 under fives eligible for admission by the new H.C.C. ruling which comes into force this Term. The roll is now 296.

1st June            The whole school were assembled in the Hall to receive from Mr Skinner a presentation Shield to be competed for each year at the Inter House Sports. South House are the holders for the year 1938 of the “Skinner” Shield.

27th Sept.         Children are being withdrawn during the day to attend with their parents gas mask fittings.

29th Sept.         Trench digging has commenced today on the land immediately behind the School buildings but so far the volunteer labour asked for has not been called upon.

11th Nov.         The Head Teacher addressed the whole school on the subject of War referring to the recent crisis week to stress the importance of thanksgiving embodied in the celebration of Armistice Day as a day of Remembrance & the children took part in the service & 2 mins silence broadcast from the Cenotaph Whitehall.

28th April         I [Miss Mary Spencer] have completed my engagement in this School this afternoon. As my successor is unable to assume charge until 1st June, Miss A. Fram the Chief Assistant has been requested by the Managers to take charge in the interim.

1st June            I, Dorothy Lilian Marsh, commenced duties as Headmistress of this School.

24th Oct.          School reopened under emergency conditions, approx. 250 children presented themselves. No new admissions were accepted & finally the school was divided into two shifts of 135 morning, chiefly ‘infants’, & 112 afternoon, all ‘juniors’. The times of opening & closing have been altered to 9am-11.45am & 12.45pm-3.15pm. An emergency timetable is in use.
County Councillor Ritchie visited to express his concern at the reopening of the school without air-raid protection having been provided & to see if he could do anything to assist. The children were assembled in the corridor & laid out on the floor as they would be in the event of an air raid – it was found that only approx. sixty children could be given adequate space.

25th Oct.          Work has commenced on the sand bagging of the school.

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