9th Jan.              Mr Secker, Rural Education Organiser, visited to discuss the question of a school allotment for which I had asked. Plot 1 in the ground adjoining the school has been rented from the local council & an estimate is to be obtained for digging.

15th Jan.           The Leicester Rd Hall having been rented to act as an overflow Miss Riley’s class has been moved there for this term.

9th May            The weather being fine & warm, the top group of girls went for a nature walk to Hadley Woods this afternoon while the top group boys were at gardening.

17th May          A further supply of cotton wool & bandages has been bought from Messrs Maws today.

25th May          Mr Whittaker & Mr Moody visited to consider again the A.R.P. in this school. On their advice the cellar is to be used to prevent overcrowding in the corridors. Sandbags are to be put to protect the cellar windows

27th May          Blast walls are being constructed round cellar-windows.

25th May          The afternoon timetable has been modified to give more time to recreative subjects. This is being done to endeavour to counteract the increasing signs of strain both in children & teachers, which are rapidly appearing.

20th June          A police constable visited to request the removal of the board bearing the caretaker’s name & address under new d.o.r. regulations.

17th Sept.         Raid warnings 8.50-10, 3.0-4.35 – very few children present owing to the continual raids.

19th Sept.         Owing to the expected presence of an unexploded bomb or bombs in the grounds behind the school the two classes occupying the rooms nearest to this area have been sent home. Tiles on the roof & a small portion of the playground have been damaged by shrapnel.

24th Sept.         During the night two incendiary bombs fell on the roof of the school slightly damaging it & three fell in the playground burning holes in the tarmac.

17th Oct.          Commencing today classes which take cover in the cloak rooms & corridors have continued working at the siren. Mr Field is acting as ‘look-out’ & will blow a whistle when raiders are near, when these classes will immediately leave their rooms.

18th Oct.          Mr Kipper, Mr Morris, Mr Hanley, A.R.P. chief for East Barnet, visited this morning to inspect air raid shelter provided. Mr Hanley said the corridor was ‘a refuge but not a shelter’ – satisfied with the cellar.

2nd May           The splendid total of £125 has been reached for the sale of savings stamps this week (War Weapon’s Week). £40 was our aim.

20th June          The gas-van was brought to the school in order that all the children might have their masks tested.

4th July             Half holiday for War Weapon’s Week Collection success.

18th Sept.         Classes 1, 2, 2a & 3 saw a Ministry of Information film on “Salvage”.

6th Jan.             “Warships Week Savings” £106.3.6.

28th Jan.           Miss Marsh having resigned owing to ill health I Alice Minnie Fram have been appointed Head Mistress as from 1st March 1942.

11th Feb.          Mr Birkiett, H.M.I. visited to see if any of the railings could be removed for salvage.

27th Feb.          Today Miss Marsh was presented with a necklace & savings certificates by the staff & scholars of the school on the occasion of her resignation.

27th March       Telephone installed.

20th May          School Canteen opened with 142 Junior children taking meals.

14th Sept.         Sandbags are being replaced & blast walls erected.

26th Nov.         The afternoon time-table was adjusted to allow the upper classes to listen to the American broadcast for Thanksgiving Day.

10th March       Wings for Victory effort began. Cinema entertainment each afternoon.

12th March       Children from the Junior School visited the R.A.F. Exhibition at Anchor Hall.
Total amount collected £297.7.8 ½.

31st May           The sandbags at each entrance have been replaced by concrete blocks.

6th Sept.           Sixteen children were successful in gaining prizes at the “Holidays at Home Exhibition”. Wings for Victory Certificate was presented to the school.

1st May             I [Miss Fram] was absent all day attending the first ‘Musical Festival’ to be held in Barnet. A Choir of 30 was entered for the Junior section & a similar number for the ‘Percussion Band’. The latter was very highly commended for technique & artistry & the conductor also. This band was trained by Miss Feliciant. The choir also was highly commended & was trained by Mrs Reid.

11th May          Joy Mead gained first prize in the “Salute the Soldier” competition for girls.

4th July            Children spent most of the day in the corridor. Dinner children were given milk, cheese & biscuits at 1pm. As the alert still continued the N.F.S. very kindly brought over the children’s dinners at 1.30pm.

16th April        Class IV went for a nature walk this afternoon.

17th April        Classes IVb, 3, 2b went for Nature walks this afternoon.    
10th May          School was closed on May 8th, 9th for the V.E. holiday.

11th Sept.         Class 1a with Mrs Wallis went to the Odeon Cinema to see Henry V a.m.

13th Dec.          Children were entertained by a conjuror in the afternoon.

8th Jan.             Work in connection with the removal of blackout completed.

14th Jan.           Removal of blast walls has commenced

May 22nd          Mr Welbourne brought to the school four pictures on loan for this term. Special note to be taken of the children’s reactions. Class 1 Boys were taken by Mrs Wallis & Mrs Reid on a visit to the A.1. Dairy at Whetstone.

29th May          Classes 1a-1b girls with Mrs Wallis & Mrs Reid visited the A.1. Dairy at Whetstone during the morning session. In the afternoon the whole of Classes 1a-1b visited the Gas Works.

7th June            Children were presented with their Messages from the King by Miss Marsden.

10th July           Class 1a accompanied by Mrs Wallis & Mrs Marsh visited the Roman remains at St Albans.

18th July           This afternoon the school was opened for parents to view their children’s progress. A very large number took the opportunity thus afforded.

19th Dec.          Concert of Plays, Miming, Puppets held this morning. Canteen children had their Christmas dinner.

22nd May          An Ellam’s Rotary Duplicator has been delivered to the school. A special grant was allowed for this. An “original” picture has been bought for the school.

2nd July             Mr Akhurst presented a shield to the school for ‘Inter-House Sports’.

23rd July           Classes 1-3 competed in team races for the shield presented by Mr Akhurst. Yellow House were the winner.

20th Nov.         School closed on the occasion of Princess Elizabeth’s wedding.

11th Dec.          This afternoon between 200 & 300 parents visited the school. The class rooms were open for inspection of the children’s work & during the afternoon a concert of plays, dancing, band & singing was given by the various classes.

17th Feb.           Two new drinking fountains have been placed in the playground.

22nd April         Class 1A visited Mount Pleasant Sorting Office with Mrs Wallis & Mrs Reid.

29th April         Over sixty drawings have been sent in for The Children’s National Art Competition.

13th May          Class 1 visited the Hadley Church in the afternoon.

15th May          Mr Collins brought a new film strip projector for the use of the school.

16th Nov.         Netball Posts & Football posts were delivered.

15th Dec.          Essex apparatus consisting of two stools, two forms & 1 pole have been delivered.

16th Dec.          A 5pm a fancy dress party was held for Classes 1 & 1R.

11th Feb.          Mr Radford [Hertfordshire County Council Organiser for Physical Training] gave a demonstration on the use of the Essex Agility Apparatus.

16th Feb.          A Safety First Film entitled “The Big Fish” in which two of the pupils Ian Macdonald & Diana Chacksfield took part, was shown to the whole school.

21st Feb.          Parent Teacher Association formed.

13th June          At the school sports, the boys gained the Beard Cup. There is a measles epidemic among the five year olds.

16th June          Class 1A visited Hatfield House.

29th June          Inter House Sports on the Tudor Sports Ground. Mr Cobden presented the Trophies. Prizes were distributed.
                        Head Girl Joyce Byatt.                        Head Boy William Bellingham.

5th Sept.           School reopened for the Winter Term. Classes 4 & 3R are now in 4, Leicester Rd using Leicester Hall for drill, dancing, singing & play.

26th Sept.         “The New Canteen” was opened this morning.

16th Dec.          The Christmas Tree & about 150 presents is being sent to “Wellhouse Hospital”. School closed this afternoon for the Christmas Holidays.

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