9th Jan.             School reopened after the Christmas Holiday. On roll 410.

21st June          190 Infants were taken by bus for an outing to Whipsnade.

11th Oct.          Mrs Barnsby commenced duty as part-time secretary in place of Miss Bushby.

Owing to increasing numbers a class is being held in the Hall, in charge of Mrs Reid.

14th Nov.          A supply of gardening tools has been received.

14th Dec.          A concert of carols followed by a Nativity Play was held this afternoon.


19th Feb.          Class 7 is now in the Canteen.

15th March       Children from Class 1A visited Golders Green to see the ballet ‘Swan Lake’.

20th June          Richard Parker & Ann Jenkins received prizes for the Festival of Britain Essay.

5th July             237 children from Classes 4-9 went to Chessington Zoo for the Day.

10th Oct.          Children’s photographs taken.

10th Dec.          A flowering cherry tree has been given to the school by Mrs Hawkes.


15th Feb.          The Junior School were assembled in the Hall to listen to the service from Windsor on the occasion of the King’s funeral.

18th July           Class 2A went to Hatfield House, accompanied by Mrs Herbert & Mrs Marsh.

15th Sept.         School reopened. 88 children were transferred to 18 King Edward Road to be worked in 4 classes. On roll 493.

9th Oct.            A Football pitch has been marked out on the playing field & posts erected.

19th Dec.          A Christmas Tree with over 200 gifts was sent to Barnet Hospital.


18th Feb.          A sum of £24 has been sent to the Flood Relief Fund.

15th May          The forty children who are going to the Coronation came there this p.m. in order to meet their leaders.

21th May         Photographer came to take group photos.

5th June           The Infant Classes held their Coronation Party. Tea was served in the Canteen which was gaily decorated for the occasion.

12th June          All the Junior School visited the Cinema to see the film of the Coronation.

17th June          The School Sports were held this afternoon for the first time on the School Playing Field. Events were closely contested & resulted in Blue House gaining the Cup & Yellow House the shield. These were presented by Mrs De Vos. A Simplex Ampro Projector was received this morning. This was bought largely from P.T.A. Funds – the county making up the difference.


12th Jan            Guard rails have been placed outside the school to prevent children from rushing into the road.

28th June          40 children in charge of Mrs Wiseman, Miss Rix, Mr Jones & Mr Stephens set off for Cuffley Camp this morning.

5th July             The children returned from Cuffley Camp at 3.30 this afternoon. Ann Squires & John Murphy received badges as best “campers”. The camp has been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

22th July          This evening at 6.30 the school & no. 4 Leicester Rd was open to parents & friends. A display of Country Dancing was given by children from the Junior School & was much enjoyed. Exhibitions of needlework by the girls & Basketry, Fabric Painting, Weaving etc by the boys were on show. Work done at the School Camp was also displayed.

14th Oct.          Harvest Festival was held this morning. A splendid show of flowers, fruit, vegetables etc filled all available space in the Hall. The service was attended by the whole school. Later all sick children & parents were sent gifts. Class 1B with Miss Brookes too gifts to the old people in Bulwer Gardens, Potters Lane Almshouses & Elmbank. The remainder was distributed between the Pauling Home & St Winifreds Convalescent Home.

10th Dec.          Classes 1, 1B, 2A, 2B & 3A gave a concert to their parents this afternoon. Well over 500 parents came & a collection for School funds amounted to £7.2.1 ¾.

Today a new piano was delivered. It is a smooth mahogany Broadwood & arrived just in time for the concert.


17th May          Twenty boys are visiting the new ‘Telephone Exchange’ in Leicester Rd this morning. This afternoon 20 girls will be taken over the building.

30th June          This afternoon the School Sports were held in beautiful weather. Over 200 parents were present. The winning House was Nightingale (Blue) with 63 points to the captain of which Mr Cobden presented the ‘Cup’. Runners up was Shaftesbury House (Yellow) with 57 points who gained the Shield. Dickens’ House gained 56 points & Stephenson 46.

29th July           School closed for the Summer Holidays. At 3pm there was a presentation ceremony to Miss Fram on the occasion of her retirement.

12th Sept.         School reopened after Summer Holiday. Miss Rose A. Evans began duty as Head Teacher in place of Miss Fram who had retired.

14th Oct.          Workmen have been erecting a climbing frame on the edge of the field near the canteen.

22th Nov.        Parent-teacher interviews took place during the evening from 6.30 to 10pm. Parents of children in all classes … were invited to come and discuss their children personally with their teachers.


2nd Feb.            Impossible today to use the children’s lavatories as they are completely frozen. Juniors who can do so are going home at dinner time and others are using the Staff toilets.

21st Feb.          3A children (20) visited New Barnet railway station and were conducted round by the Station Master, Mr Fox.

29th Feb.          The lavatories for the main building are flushing today for the first time since 1st February.

28th March       There was a Netball match during the afternoon, Staff v Girls.

29th May          Class 4B on visit to London Airport accompanied by Mrs Wiseman and Mr Jones.

20.6.56             High jumping for the school sports 3.15pm onwards.

3.7.56               School closed after dinner had been served, to allow those who wished, to go to the Juniors District Schools’ Sports which were held at Livingstone School. Cromer Road school boys’ team won a shield.

4th Oct             Procedure in the Canteen at dinner time was completely changed. Children were briefed during the morning and the change over to a system in which children were waiters and waitresses was effected smoothly.


25th March       Contractors began work on the new building.

15th May          Mrs Muller took her class, 3B, to the Imperial Institute.

29th June          Nine girls took part in a Music Day at Hatfield School, playing recorders & singing.

9th Sept.           School re-opened. All classes are now arranged according to age of children. Previously they had been streamed according to ability.

8th Oct.            Attendance is dropping quite rapidly owing to influenza epidemic. Today it is 67% and two teachers absent.


3rd March         Caretaker reported that the school had been broken into on Friday night. The new gramophone, received 29th November last, was missing. The door to the Secretary’s room was badly damaged, with firing tools brought from the Canteen boiler house. Police were informed and C.I.C. officers took finger prints.

24th April         School re-opened at 8.55am for the Summer term. One new classroom is completely finished and everything was ready in it to receive the Reception class when school opened. Cromer House is no longer required and its use by this school is discontinued.

8th May            Sixty parents came at 8pm to listen to the H.T. explaining the beginnings of Reading and Writing. They were parents of four and five year old children in the youngest Infant classes.

9th Oct.           Mr Smythe came to photograph all children in the morning. The Annual General Meeting of the P.T.A. was held at 8pm in the evening. Just over a hundred members were present.

15th Oct.          Miss Read took her class, 2.O, to Billingsgate market, leaving school at 8am.

14th Nov.         Jumble Sale and side shows run in evening to raise money for School Fund. Just over £90 cleared.


29th April         Class 4.O went to Stained glass factory. 3Y spent the day in Cuffley Woods.

30th April         Class 3.O went to Kew Gardens.

10th July           Mrs Wiseman and eight third year Juniors spent the day at Barclay School, Stevenage, explaining their exhibits in a Rural Studies exhibition. Our display was Trees of the World, work based originally on studies of local trees.

14th July           Class by class, the children showed exercises and dances learned during the year, to their parents.

8th Oct.            School re-opened at 9am. There are now ten classes, six Juniors & four Infants.


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