9th May            Mr Welham, a Commonwealth Institute lecturer, gave a lecture, illustrated by lantern slides, on “In Search of Sharks & History” to the three top classes.

16th June          At 10am the 10 & 11 year old children listened to a Violin demonstration given by Mr Nisbet and a colleague.

1st July             Twelve children and Mr Walsh left at 8.30am by coach with Mr Gould and ten children from Brunswick Park school to go to Barton Turf Sailing Camp, Norfolk Broads, for a week.

27th Oct.          Photographer took all children for individual photographs.

30th Nov.         The Caretaker, Mr Spikins, left
4th Feb.            Mr J.A. Brewster started work as Caretaker.

14th July           Junior children took home their annual reports.

14th July           Workmen have started resurfacing all the existing playground space and will make a new area of hard playground by the new Infant classrooms.

27th Sept.         A new clock (electric) has been fixed in the hall today.

28th Sept.         There was a Harvest Thanksgiving service at 9.15, lasting until almost 10am. After play classes went into the hall to look at all the gifts. During the afternoon twenty six boxes were filled with produce and were taken by the older children to elderly people living in the locality.

16th Oct.          Miss Howie came and took four demonstration P.E. lessons:- Class 3.Y Dancing; 4.0 & 4/3 Girls P.E. outside; Infants “B” using large apparatus in Hall; Class 2/1 P.E. outside. At the end of each lesson Miss Howie invited questions & comments from the teachers who had been watching.

12th Feb.          Class 3Y went to the Tower for the day, accompanied by Mrs Dykins and three parents. Miss Baker took half her class to the local Fire Station.

11th May          Mrs Wiseman, Mr Jones and 18 4th year children left by coach at 9am to go, via Victoria Station & Seaford, to Frogfirle Youth Hostel, Alfriston, Sussex

17th May          The Alfriston party arrived back here at 4pm.

25th May          At 8.30am 9 of our children, Mr Walsh and a mother (Mrs Hamstead) left by coach with 16 children, a teacher and a mother from Church Hill School to spend a week at The Barton Turf Sailing Camp.

18th June         Children in the top three classes began a daily course of swimming which is to last 3 weeks.

26th, 27th June  H.M.I. Mr E.D. Cooke conducted a full inspection of the school. He was assisted by Mr Baker and Mrs Doubleday. On the second day there was a Managers’ meeting at 4.30pm and Mr Cooke gave a verbal report of his findings.

18th July           Open Evening 7 to 9.30pm. There were displays of work in all classrooms; Craft, Needlework, School Journey work, and work done by the two special groups were in the Canteen. There was a Dancing programme in the Hall at 7.15 and School Journey slides were shown at 8pm.

1st Nov.           Photographer, Mr Smythe, took photographs of all children at school.

13th Dec.         During the afternoon, in spite of very icy roads, a good number of old folks came from Bulwer Gardens and Vale Court and were entertained by most of the classes with a programme of songs, carols and plays, finishing with a Nativity play. Afterwards the visitors were given tea and cakes.

23st Jan.          31º of frost [Fahrenheit, equivalent to -5.5 º Celsius ] recorded in Hertfordshire during the night.

29th May          The Summer Term began. An extra Infants class has been made making eleven classes in the school with 437 children on roll.

1st May             After school, a team of girls took part in a Netball Tournament at Whitings Hill School, and lost every match!

8th May             41 children drawn from all the Junior classes went by coach with Miss Baker and Mr Hopkins to a Cycling Proficiency Rally, organised by the Road Safety Assn. at the White City Stadium. The Duke of Edinburgh was there & spoke at the end of the meeting.

10th May          Four classes started this season’s swimming lessons at Church Farm pool, 4.0, 4/3, 3.0 and 2.0. They were taken by coach and accompanied by their own class teachers.

15th May          21 children, Mrs Wiseman (in charge) and Mr Hopkins left by coach for Swanage, to stay there in the Youth Hostel for 6 days and explore the neighbourhood.

25th June          Selected children took part in jumping events for the District Sports. Elizabeth Harvey had a First for the 3rd High Jump; Linday Neil was 2nd in 3rd Year Long Jump. Others were unplaced.

20th Aug.          Mr David B.T. Jones, who was appointed to the Staff in December 1948, and who has been Deputy Head since April 1956, died at his home in North Mymms.

26th Sept.         Class 4.0 went to Barkway in North Herts. in connection with their Topic work on Hertfordshire. They were met by Mr Carson, Rural Studies Organiser, and taken along the village to observe architecture of several periods, had their dinners in the village school and went to a farm in the afternoon.

31st Jan.           According to today’s Barnet Press, the building of new classrooms so urgently needed at this school, will not be carried out in the 1964-5 minor works programme as the allocation by the ministry will not be sufficient for all the schools needing extra or new buildings.

6th Feb.            Class 3.0 went to visit a factory making stained glass windows – an all day visit.

11th Feb.          Class 3.9 went to Hornsey Art School to see students working on stained glass windows – they came back in time for 2nd sitting dinners.

26th Feb.          There was a short special assembly at 2.45pm to make a presentation of a cheque for £11.11s to Mrs Dixon who has resigned her position as Cook at Christmas time.

22nd April         Twenty five children from classes 4.0 & 4/3, Mrs Wiseman, Mr Walsh and Mr Moore (Student tchr) left by train this morning for Ffestingiog where they will stay six nights in the Youth Hostel, and will explore as much as they can of North Wales.

23th April        Mr Guy Gatengo of the Cuisenaire company came and demonstrated the use of Cuisenaire rods with thirty two six year old children to about fifty teachers from Barnet and East Barnet schools. The demonstration was followed by a lengthy discussion.

24th April         The School Party in Wales, walked to the top of Snowden and down again. All succeeded in reaching the summit.

15th July           Next year’s classes announced to the children, who then spent until 10.30am with their new teachers and in their new classrooms. Parent-teacher interviews 6pm until 10.30pm.

28th Sept.         Class 1Y went to the Oaklands Agricultural to see the animals, particularly the cows in connection with their current study of Milk.

12th Oct.          Miss Evans (Head) went to Hendon County Grammar School at 2pm to a meeting of all the Heads of Schools in the new Borough of Barnet (Barnet, East Barnet, Friern Barnet, Finchley and Hendon). This was the first meeting with the new Borough Education Officer, Dr Butcher.

14th Oct.          In the evening, starting at 8pm there was a meeting of present Staff (teaching, caretaking, and canteen), past members of Staff including Miss Fram, Mr Stephens, Mr Newman, Mrs Dykins, Mrs Hawthorne, Mrs Lock, Miss Read, Miss Page; children who at some time had been in classes taught by Mr D.B.T. Jones, and parents of such children. All had come together to see the Television set which had been bought in memory of Mr Jones. The set had cost £154 (including aerial), of which £50 has been donated by parents of past scholars. School managers Mrs Vincent, Mrs Stanfield and Mr Cobden also attended the meeting.

5th Nov.           Five more windows have been smashed by stone throwing. Two boys, past pupils of this school and now at Elizabeth Allen Secondary Modern school were suspected, and when questioned by the Headmaster Mr Wiseman, admitted they were responsible. They reported here at 4.15pm and agreed to pay for the repairs… Their parents have been asked to come to an interview.

30th March       Miss Evans attended Heads’ meeting at Hendon County Grammar School at 9.45am, and in the afternoon attended the Re-opening ceremony of the remodelled E. Barnet Grammar school.

1st April           This school is from today part of the new London Borough of Barnet and is no longer in the county of Hertfordshire.

27th April         School re-opened for the Summer Term. Twenty five children have been admitted and the roll is now 455. There are 11 classes; only one has in it less than 40 children. The numbers in classes are:- 42, 41, 41, 44, 44, 44, 40, 41, 34, 42, 42.

25th June          School was closed for the day. A holiday has been granted to commemorate the 750th anniversary of Magna Carta and the 700th anniversary of the calling of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament.

29th June          Some boys & girls went to Livingstone School at 4.30pm to compete in District Sports High Jump and Long Jump events. John Stutes came 1st in the 3rd Year Boys Long jump.

6th July             At 5pm the District Sports were held at Livingstone School. Our boys won the cup awarded to teams from medium sized schools having gained one 1st (Kenneth Holden), several 2nd & 3rd places and two relay teams won the 1st place.

7th July             After very heavy rain this afternoon, the brook overflowed across the playground causing quite a deep flood at the foot of the steps. Water poured down the steps into the cellar, and across the pavement into the road.

21st Sept.         Two School Managers, Councillor Jobbins & Major Tomkins came with Mr Curtis from the Education Office to discuss building requirements for the year 1966-67. They agreed to recommend: power points in all classrooms, hall, head’s room and Staff room; water, sink & draining board in the six classrooms of Main building which have none so far; widening & setting back the double gates to give delivery vehicles easier access, extra pegs for clothes of children from 4 Leicester Road annexe when they are at the main school.

22nd Sept.         Dr Butcher, Chief Education Officer for the Borough of Barnet, came to discuss the accommodation at 4 Leicester Rd as he had received a copy of a letter which a parent of a child there had sent to the Minister of Education. He agreed that additional classrooms should be provided as soon as possible on the main site.

19th Oct.          Mrs Hill went to the Central Library to choose the school’s annual allocation of books, to the value of £118.

20th Dec.          During the afternoon there was informal entertainment for the whole school. Items were contributed by several classes and Mr Walsh conducted action songs between the other items.

18th March       Three children took part in a Book Quiz at East Barnet Library in the evening. Having led most of the time, they eventually finished second to Church Hill School, 42 points to 40.

19th March       (Saturday) Three teams took part in the 6-a-side Football tournament. The A team drew the final match with Whitings Hill School but lost the trophy on the number of “corners”.

21st March       Building started for the erection of two temporary classrooms to replace the Leicester Road building.

26th April         During the afternoon a lorry arrived with sections of the new Swiftplan classrooms. The new classrooms are growing rapidly. The main structure is now assembled and the workmen are inside putting up the ceilings.

7th July             District Sports were held at Livingstone School. The boys team brought back a cup for winning the Medium Schools contest.

22nd July           Mrs Lewis and Mr Walsh ran a Swimming Gala for the children of the five classes who have been having swimming lessons this term.

6th Sept.           The first day of the new term. Two new classrooms are ready for occupation, although some of the new furniture has not arrived yet. The two rooms at 4, Leicester Road, used as an annexe for so long, are no longer required, and all classes are now on the premises.

28th Sept.         Mr Smythe took photographs of children in school today.

27th Oct.          At 3.15pm the Infant children had a “Bring & Buy” sale of their own toys and books and raised £20.

28th Oct.          The Juniors had a “Bring & Buy” sale today. The total of both sales was £58.17s. A cheque for £60 has been sent to the Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil for the Aberfan Relief Fund. (Over 100 children were killed last week when a coal tip slid down the mountain and over the School while the children were in it).

6th March         Two Parents’ meetings were held during the evening: at 7.30pm. It was decided to provide seats for the playground and new curtains for the hall as soon as possible.

16th March       Next term’s new entrants came to school at 1.45pm and spent the afternoon with their teacher, Mrs Evans while the parents met in the hall. Miss Evans explained general arrangements to the parents and answered their questions. Only one child was not willing to leave mother for the afternoon. The rest joined happily in the activities provided and several were reluctant to go home.

17th March       Mr Trewinnard took his class to Courtland School for a musical morning. Their special contribution was a march “Cromer” specially composed for them by Mr Trewinnard and involving Violins, Recorders (treble & descant) chime bars, xylophone, glockenspiels, tambourines, triangles, drums & cymbals.

13th April         56 fourth-year children set out for the Isle of Wight with 4 teachers (Mrs Wiseman, Mr Trewinnard, Mr Walsh and Mrs Poole (nee Kennedy), leaving High Barnet station at 9.45am. They are staying at Cygnet Guest House, Carter St, Sandown for a week and will spend much time visiting places of interest, including Osborne House, Carisbrook Castle, St Catherine’s Lighthouse, Portsmouth Harbour and the Victory. They will also do sea shore studies and cliff walks.

15th July           (Saturday) A Summer Fair was held, 2pm to 6pm. It seems likely that the net profit will be £350.

7th Sept.           A new “temporary” classroom has been completed and is ready for use. There are now five rooms in the Infants’ block. This school is one of fourteen schools in the Borough of Barnet which is taking part in the Nuffield French scheme. All children in the 2nd year Junior classes are having five lessons each week with Mrs M. Warren, a visiting teacher. The course lasts for five years: three in the Primary school and two in the Secondary.

26th Oct.          Class 3 (middle infants) visited the New Barnet railway station. The Station master took them in small groups into the Booking Office and the Signal Box.

14th Nov.         Mrs White, assisted by Mrs Townshend and five mothers took Class 3 (Infants) to Kings Cross Station by train. They were met by an Inspector and shown a lot of interesting [?missing word] on the Flying Scot before it started its journey.

19th Jan.           Four parents of Class 11 children accepted an invitation to come to the Assembly which has been written and was conducted by Class 11.

30th Jan.           At 8pm parents and teachers met and agreed to form the Cromer Road School Parents’ Association. It was also agreed that the first aim should be to raise the money for building a learners’ swimming pool.

13th March       Mrs White took part of Class 3 to the Post Office Sorting Office in Longmore Avenue at 10am to see what happened to letters they had posted.

25th April         The price of school dinners has increased from one shilling to 1s 6d. per day.

30th April         Mr Bull started an Art Club after school; Mrs Bull a French Club.

6th May             A Parents’ Association sub-committee (Mr Stevens, Mr Moles, Mr Walsh & Miss Evans) met at school at 8pm to plan where swimming pool should be, its size and general construction. Mr Stevens will now draw plans and estimate costs.

16th May          Class 2 crowned the May Queen and danced around the maypole. Their parents came to watch at 3pm.

8th July             In the afternoon seventy children, Mr Walsh & Mrs Hastings went to the Copthall Sports Stadium for the Barnet district school sports. Our boys won the trophy for medium size schools.

13th July           Summer Fair in aid of Swimming Pool Fund was prepared in morning (Saturday) and held same afternoon. There were about 2,000 people enjoying the entertainments and sideshows. A profit of £600 raised the Fund to £1000.

22nd  July          Classes 11 & 12 performed a lengthy play of Alice in Wonderland to a few parents and other Junior classes in the afternoon. A cheque for £114, raised and collected by the children in school this term, was sent to the Treasurer of the Parents’ Association.

10th Sept.         School re-opened for the Autumn Term. Mr T.B. Bainbridge has come from Littlegrove School and is Deputy Head. The number of children on roll is high: 472 in 12 classes, and the number requiring dinner is so great that no more can be accepted. The kitchen, designed to cater for 250, is now serving 420 meals per day.

6th Oct.           (Sunday) Just over 100 children and a number of parents went on a 6 mile sponsored walk to raise money for the Swimming Pool. Almost all completed the distance and about £290 is the expected result.

15th Oct.          Pierre, the Clown came to educate the children about Dental hygiene, in an entertaining way… Afterwards all children were given an apple.

30th Nov.         (Saturday) The school was open for a Christmas Bazaar to add money to the Swimming Pool Fund. £400 was raised.

13th Dec.          Class 6 dramatised for their mothers the knowledge they have gained this term about the history of Barnet, starting at 3pm in the hall.

18th Dec.          The Infants performed their musical version of Dick Whittington twice (at 2pm and 3pm) so that all parents who wished to, could see it.

11th March       Library week; class 7 went to the library to hear Michael Bond talking about his “Paddington Bear” books.

12th March       Half of class 10 went to library to hear Mary Cockett on “What’s it like being an author, miss?”

31st May           24 children, Mr Walsh and Mrs Hill left by coach at 10.30am to go to Tan Troed Camp, Llangorse, Breconshire for a week’s sailing, canoeing, pony trekking and hill walking. In the evening when they all went for a walk, Gillian Knox fell and broke her right arm, radius and ulna. She spent the night in Brecon War Memorial Hospital.

28th June          Summer Fair day. £660 profit was made during the afternoon for the Swimming Pool Fund. The total is now over £3000.

17th July           40 children, Mrs Wiseman & Mrs Bull went to the Nature Reserve at Sandy Lodge, Bedfordshire and followed the Nature Trail there.

22nd Sept.         Parents’ Association meeting at 8pm: 1. to give information about the term’s events and latest news of Swimming Pool project; 2. to show film “The Happy Adventure” about life in an Infants’ school; 3. to show again Mr Bruce’s film of Summer Fair 1968.

5th Oct.            About 200 children, accompanied by about 100 adults took part in a sponsored walk of seven miles through Hadley Woods and Trent Park to raise money for the Swimming Pool Fund. As a result they should collect £375 from their sponsors.
20th Nov.         Four teachers have withdrawn their services in response to a call to do so by the National Union of Teachers in protest against an offered interim salary adjustment f £50 as against the claim for £135. Their classes were excluded for the day.

24th Nov.         An extension to the Canteen kitchen was begun.

29th Nov.         (Saturday) Christmas Bazaar run by Parents’ Association for Swimming Pool Fund 11am–5pm resulted in profit of £302.

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