16th Feb          The Panel of Head teachers came to make decisions about Grammar & Modern School entry, probably for the last time.

16th April         Summer term began. The roll is now 501.

23rd April         Miss Evans & Mrs Ward went to meeting about Continuity of French teaching using the Nuffield “En Avant” scheme. The scheme was outlined by Mr Gordon, Adviser for Modern Languages, for the benefit of secondary school teachers who will be receiving in September this year, for the first time, children who have had three years’ French in the Primary school.

5th  & 6th May  Music Festival at East Barnet Grammar School each evening 7pm–8.30pm.

13th May          Class photographs were taken. Class 8 went pond-dipping in Hadley ponds.

18th May          Parents’ Association meeting at 8pm to welcome newly appointed Road Stewards and outline their duties. It is hoped they will be a useful go-between for the Committee and other members.

12th June          36 children (top Juniors), Mr Walsh, Mrs Hastings and Mrs Bull left by coach at 9.45am to go to Swanage for a week. They will stay in Rocklands Hotel, Stafford Road, Swanage and will make educational visits in the vicinity every day.

27th June          (Saturday) The Parents’ Association ran the Annual Summer Fair. £700 profit was made and paid into the Swimming Pool Fund.

13th July           A concert was given at 7.30pm by the Choir, Violin groups, Cello groups, Recorder & Percussion players. The programme was devised and conducted by Mr Bainbridge; accompanist Mrs Hewer; violin and cello duets by Mrs Burrows and Miss Cleale, visiting teachers.

20th July           A team of 4th year children took part in the Rounders Tournament and tied with Littlegrove for the trophy.

22th Sept         Dr Hay, a parent, talked about his experiences when he did scientific research on an expedition to Antarctica. He showed slides and two films to about 80 parents in the school hall at 8pm.

4th Oct             (Sunday) Just over 200 children, most of them accompanied by their parents, started from school between 9am & 9.30am on a Sponsored Walk of 7 miles, through Trent Park. All had returned by 1pm and about £400 will be collected from sponsors for the Swimming Pool Fund.

22nd Oct          Class 13 (4th Yr Juniors) were taken by coach to the London Planetarium, and to ROSPA (Road Safety training).



3rd March         School was “Open” 6.30pm-9pm to parents & friends. There were displays of work in all classrooms and a great deal of Mathematical apparatus in the hall to indicate the school’s approach to the teaching of Mathematics.

24th March       Children whose fifth birthday is before 1st September 1971 came with parents to visit the school and to see the room and teacher they would have next term.

1st May             (Saturday) Two parties left by coach this morning for School Journeys: 27 children, Mr & Mrs Melling went to Llandudno where they are staying at Sefton House, Church Walks; 25 children, Mr Walsh & Miss Rees went to the P.G.L. Adventure Centre, Llangorse, Breconshire.

14th May                      A group of students came from the New College of Speech & Drama and involved Classes 11, 12 & 13 in performances of a programme “Journey in the Past”, a visit to London at the time of the Great Fire. Pupils & a master came from Whitefields Secondary school to experiment with Video-tape.          

15th May          The Parents’ Association ran a Barbecue evening. Unfortunately it was wet but nevertheless nearly 600 people turned up to enjoy the music in the Hall and food in the Canteen. £100 profit was made a Swimming Pool Fund.

21st June                      As the number of children having dinner at school is now usually over 400 each day, it has become difficult to maintain the “Family Service” system and today, experimentally, a Cafeteria system has been tried; it has been reasonably successful.

28th June          Mr Walsh went with a team of Junior children to Copthall Stadium to compete in the District Sports. The boys won a trophy for having the highest average number of points for the number of boys in the school.

7th Sept                        During the holiday, three coke-fried boilers have been converted to Gas as coke is now so difficult to obtain. It will no longer be necessary for the Caretaker to stoke the boilers on Saturday or Sunday as they now have automatic controls.

13th Sept          Twenty 4th year Juniors, Miss Evans and Mrs Burtchett left by coach at 10am to go to Swaylands School (residential) nr Penshurst, Kent, to stay there for ten days and explore that area.

14th Sept          Mr Bainbridge and Mrs Cowling took thirty children to a U.S. Airforce base at Alconbury, Huntingdon. They travelled by train and coach, returning at 7pm.

29th Sept          Miss Evans at Heads’ meeting 9am to consider whether milk should be sold to Junior school children now that it is no longer provided free of charge, and whether children should be allowed to bring drinks from home.

1st Oct             Mr J. Brewster, Caretaker since February 1961, retired

3rd Oct             (Sunday) About 120 children and many parents went on a Sponsored walk for the Swimming Pool fund. £240 was raised.

5th Nov                        A Bonfire and Fireworks party, planned for 7pm at Lower Kitts End Farm for Cromer Road School families, was rained off by continuous rain all day followed by a severe thunderstorm at 6pm. The Party was held, successfully on Saturday 6th November. Over £100 profit was added to Swimming Pool Fund.


14th Feb           Electricity has been cut off 9am-noon and 3pm to 6pm by order of the Government because of the miners’ strike and consequent shortage of fuel.

29th Feb           Parents’ Association A.G.M. held at 8pm. Those present voted to accept the proposal to build the Swimming Pool without dressing rooms as this is all that can be achieved with the money available. £8,000 are in the fund; £7,500 is being borrowed free of interest from Barnet Council, repayable over 5 years.

9th March         About 20 teachers came here at 2pm with Miss Meadows to look at the Reading schemes being used in Infant classes (“Time for Reading” published by Ginn, and “Key Words Scheme” published by Ladybird). After a short introductory talk in the hall they went to all Infant classes to see reading activities of all sorts.

29th March       The Swimming Pool has been started – the first of the foundation trenches have been dug and work is expected to progress rapidly during the holiday.

29th April         Mr Walsh, Miss Knowles, Miss Allard and 32 children from 4th Year Juniors left school at 9.30am by coach for Lynmouth, N. Devon to stay in the Holiday Fellowship Hotel for a week.

16th May          Classes 1 & 2 went in coaches to Golders Hill Park where they enjoyed watching birds including peacocks and animals (deer, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats).

4th July             Films were shown to Infant children on Road Safety. Projector and screen were contained in a van and children sat on the grass of the school field.

6th July             All Junior children were weighed and measured. This is part of the Borough’s investigation into the possible need of children to have milk supplied in school.

24th and 25th July         A filming company “Televideo” spent the day at school making a short film about Road Markings outside schools and their use. Children of class 7 were used in the film which is being made for the Department of the Environment and the Central Office of Information. It is to be used on Television for Road Safety education of public.

7th Sept            Today at Munich, in the 20th Olympic Games, a previous scholar of this school, Joyce Byers (now Mrs Joyce Smith) ran in the semi-final of the 1500 metre race, having qualified in the first round heats. She is Captain of the British Ladies’ team and although she did not gain a place in the final, she beat her own previous best time.

25th Sept          The roof is on the swimming pool.

20th Nov          Holiday given nationally to children by the Queen who is celebrating her Silver Wedding.


10th March       (Saturday) A large crowd of present and former pupils and their parents, present and former members of Staff were present at the official “Opening” of the Swimming Pool. The Mayor of Barnet, Alderman Joseph Freedman unveiled a commemorative plaque and unlocked the door of the Pool. A presentation of £100 was made to Mr J. Stevens for his services and architect. While visitors and friends visited the Pool, a team of children gave a demonstration of swimming. Afterwards refreshments were served in hall and canteen.

The pool measures 40ft by 16ft: the water is 3’ deep all over. It is covered with a “Clearspan” roof and is heated, filtered and chlorinated.

29th March       When Class 2 had had a swimming lesson today, all classes had been given the experience. Many mothers are giving voluntary help when Infant classes are taught.

2nd April           The Netball team was taken by Mrs Dawson to East Barnet Junior High School to take part in the local Netball Tournament. They won every game and were awarded the trophy. They have also won the Netball league this year.

27th April         56 children and 4 Staff left by coach at 9.30am to go to Butlin’s Camp at Minehead where Educational weeks are being run for children.

7th July             (Saturday) A Sponsored swim in the afternoon was supported by one hundred children. They swam a total of four and a half miles, and raised £120 which will help buy a temporary building for a Pool dressing room.

15th Nov          A National State of Emergency announced owing to fuel crisis. No electricity to be used for heating schools. Five classrooms unheated.

5th Dec             Owing to the oil supply crisis, the school’s stock of oil is very low and heat has been cut off the swimming pool to converse what remains for heating classrooms 1 & 2. Swimming is discontinued.

14th Dec           Collections have been taken at the end of the Christmas performances and a cheque has been sent to the Ethiopian Relief Fund to help people who are starving through failure of harvests. Postage stamps have also been collected in school and 21,000 stamps have been sent to the “Blue Peter Stampede” (a Television appeal). Money raised is to buy ploughs, oxen and seed for planting in the new year in Ethiopia.


16th Jan                        A “Portakabin”, prefabricated timber building, 16ft by 8ft, [p.66] purchased by the School, arrived from York on a lorry. Owing to extremely strong, gusty wind, it had to be unloaded in sheltered corner of Main building instead of its intended position at end of swimming pool.

24th April         Swimming lessons were resumed today as the temperature of the water has reached 71˚F.

27th April         Fifty three children from classes 13 & 14 left today to spend a week at Minehead, staying in Butlin’s Holiday Camp. With them are Miss Evans, Mr Walsh, Mrs Burtchett and Mrs J. Jones. Mr T. Bainbridge, Deputy Head is in charge of school until Miss Evans returns.

24th June          About 40 children took part in District Sports at Copthall Stadium. Boys won a trophy for highest boys’ average.

29th June          The Parents’ Association Summer Fair was well attended. The main attraction was a hot air balloon which was inflated twice. Complete take-off was not possible because in the wind prevailing the balloon would have sailed towards inner London, so tethered flights were demonstrated.

15th Nov          The Parents’ Association ran a successful Musical Evening at St John’s Church. The singers included Benjamin Luxon an international singer whose children attend this school.

11th Dec           At 7.30pm Junior children did their Carol Service in St Mark’s Church which was full to overflowing. There were carols, readings and a tableau of the Christmas scene.


11th Feb           There was a Parents’ meeting at 8pm to explain the Secondary Schools Transfer arrangements. In this part of Barnet all but one school (Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ Grammar) is a Comprehensive.

1st May             Class 6 walked to Mrs Barnett’s house in Northumberland Road, New Barnet to see her potter’s wheel.

4th June                        Mr Edmund from the Royal School for the Deaf came to talk to Class 5 and to thank the children for raising £18 with a sponsored silence.

2nd Sept            In the Reception classes all children in the 4-5 age group are being admitted now; the youngest ones (Summer born 1971) will attend mornings only until January.

9th Oct             A Fire engine was brought into the playground at 11.30am and firemen explained and demonstrated the appliance to Class 5 and other Infant children.

1st Nov                        Parents’ Association ran a Fireworks Party on school playground and field.

2nd & 3rd Dec   The Parents’ Association performed “Toad of Toad Hall” at East Barnet Senior School to an audience of about 300 parents & children in the evening.


15th March       At 8pm at the Royal Festival Hall six 4th Yr Juniors were in the Barnet Choir, singing David and Goliath, a “pop-cantata”, the first item of the programme “Youth Makes Music”. A coach load of parents, teachers and children from School were in the audience.

23rd March       At 1.30pm Class 1 went to Court Gardens, Barnet, travelling by bus, a new experience for many of them as most are taken everywhere by car.

30th April         30 children, Miss Turner, Mrs Charles and Mrs Burrage left school at 9.30am to go on a School Journey to Hythe, Kent for a week, staying in a Holiday Fellowship Youth Hostel.

14th May          30 children, Mr Walsh, Mrs J. Jones and Mrs Mason left school at 8.15am to go to Staithes, Yorkshire for a week.

26th June          (Saturday) Summer Fair 2pm to 5pm with a “Medieval” flavour. £500 and £150 (lottery) made for the Swimming Pool Fund.

7th & 8th July   At 7.30pm capacity audiences (parents) enjoyed a concert: first half instrumental items and singing; second half a performance of “Smike”, a musical based on Nicholas Nickleby, acted and sung by 4th Year Juniors, produced by Mrs Jane Jones.

10th July           (Saturday) Just over two hundred parents of present and past pupils were at a party to mark Miss Evans’ retirement at the end of term.

23rd July           School finished for the Summer holiday at 3pm. Miss Evans retired as Head Teacher.


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