22nd Nov.         Both fourth year classes visited the BBC Television studio where a children’s programme called “Crackerjack” was being recorded. One of the pupils had been selected to appear on the programme.

13th Dec.          Our Christmas Carol Concert was held at East Barnet Lower School. During the evening a collection was made and the proceeds were donated to the Barnet General Hospital’s Fund to help purchase a Ventilator for the children’s intensive care wing.


The Domesday Project

Cromer Road along with several other local schools is taking part in the Domesday Project organised by the BBC. One of the older junior classes is involved in a survey of the area near the school. Pupils have organised questionnaires, noted type and number of local amenities, decided on the type of land cover there is locally – they have in fact taken a detailed look at their own environment, interests and activities. Eventually the information will be recorded on a computer disk and sent to the BBC. Thousands of schools throughout the country are taking part. The huge amount of information collected will be available to people in the future in much the same way that information in the original Domesday Book, is available for students now.

Jan.                  A new stage has been erected in the school hall. The materials – wood, screws, nails etc. – were provided by the Borough and labour charges were covered through the generosity of the Parents’ Association. The Association also provided a set of four stage lights and a dimmer board. The stage was in use for the first time during the Christmas activities.


5th-6th March    The Education tutor from Boosey and Hawkes spent two afternoon sessions in the Junior Dept. He demonstrated a Melodium. Children soon found it easy to compose their own tunes on the instrument.

Terry Mills spent a day with us. On this visit he brought with him a Mexican red-kneed spider, a parrot, a ferret and a lizard. Mr Mills is a popular visitor to school.


4th Feb             Our C.D.T. workshop opened by Professor Heinz Wolff of Brunel University. [the conversion of an old disused outside toilet building into a pottery and craft room]

Summer           A playframe purchased by the Parents’ Association has been erected in the infant playground. The structure is well below the maximum height recommended by the Authority. It is providing an extra playground attraction for our younger pupils. Its use is of course strictly controlled as far as numbers are concerned.

Autumn           Mr Terry Mills visited again this term with four different animals from his large collection. He brought a fan-tailed pigeon, a chinchilla, a small boa-constrictor and a terrapin.

Jill Gleeson, a teacher and professional potter, has been at school every Wednesday for half of the Autumn Term. She has taken groups of children for pottery lessons in our Craft rooms. The Parents’ Association have paid the fee for the potter’s visits. So successful has this arrangement been that the Parents Association are considering extending the provision for one more term.


Local contacts have again been made with the local police in the form of the local home beat officer. He has spent some time with us, coaching the fourth year Panda Competition Team, patrolling the pavement outside the school to turn away drivers trying to park their cars on the painted zig-zag lines and acting as a model of a giant for the reception classes to draw around.

April 1988       New Head Teacher – Mrs Patricia Jones

20th July           A special school assembly was held today to say ‘Goodbye’ to Mr Len Walsh who is retiring at the end of the this term. This was followed by an evening reception for Mr Walsh when we welcomed many of his old colleagues and friends. An extremely pleasant evening was had with many good wishes given to Mr Walsh and his wife. [after 33 years’ service]

17th Nov.         The children laid out a ‘Penny Lane’ this morning for ‘Children in Need’, a total of £173.65 was collected and delivered to Elstree Studies by a group of children accompanied by Mrs Brown and Mrs Burtchett. [nb Children in Need founded in 1980]


5th June            The third years left today on their school journey to York.

12th June          2B spent the day pond dipping on Hadley Common.

20th June          A Medieval banquet was held for fourth year parents this evening. It was a resounding success.

27th June          BBC Television came in to film IT for a programme in the “Mosaic” series. The programme will be screened in the Spring.

28th June          A Viking Banquet was organised for parents of third year children. Again a resounding success.


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