Class Photos

Over the course of the project, former pupils and staff at the school have generously supplied photographs of their classes. A selection of these class photos are displayed according to decade and offer a fascinating glimpse of the school over its history. Please do contact us if you are able to provide more details about these photos as we would love to know more about these images.

For reasons of data protection, names of the children shown in the photographs have not been published, but we would welcome any information about the identity of those photographed, which will be stored in the Cromer Road School archives.

The copyright of the class photos from the 1930s to the 1978 is believed to be owned by the Scholastic Souvenir Company Ltd, Blackpool, which employed agents across the country to take school photographs. In 1978 Churchbury Photographic Services Ltd, based in Potters Bar, became the school photographer and is still taking our pictures today. We are grateful to both companies for generously allowing us to reproduce the images shown here.


All images are reproduced in good faith, but if you believe there is a good reason for an image to be removed, please contact us at [email protected]

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