Chalgrove School Policies

Chalgrove has clear policies and procedures to support learning and wellbeing in our school.  We value the ideas and views of our parents/carers and when ever possible carry out some form of consultation process.

We endeavour to provide our children with a range of experiences and train them to assess their personal safety and security whilst gaining enjoyment.  Our policies for safeguarding reflect our care while ensuring that these opportunities are provided in a controlled environment.

A hard copy of any of our policies are available from the school office a small charge for photocopying will be made.



Adverse Weather Policy

Anti bullying policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Managing Pupils with Fixed Term exclusions

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Designated Teachers

Complaints Policy

Managing Serial Complaints Policy

Equality Policy

First Aid Policy

Governors Charging and Remissions Policy

Home School Agreement

Lockdown procedures

Marking Policy

Medicines Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Parent Helper Educational Visits and Trips Agreement

Privacy Notice

Sex and Relationships Policy

12 Rules for the use of ICT