The impact of PE funding 2017 to 2018

Physical Education is an integral part of Chalgrove Primary School. We are very proud of our sporting achievements and we aim to create a safe, fun and competitive environment for all our children.

Physical Education lessons, taught by a PE Specialist, involve a wide variety of competitive, team and individual sports. We also teach dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming to our children.

We have had great success in PE and sport during 2017/2018.

We have received the Sainsbury’s Games Gold award for the fourth year running and the Barnet KS1 Platinum Award.

As a school we have taken part in the Barnet Dance Festival and Bikeability training has been offered to all children from year’s 3 to 6.

The PE specialist worked alongside our Travel Champion to encourage the use of bikes and scooters and we have been awarded The STARS gold award and the SUSTRANS School Champion award 2017, for our exceptional contribution to SUSTRANS and the community.

We have also used funding to provide bicycles and balance bikes for our EYFS and KS1 children to use at break-times. In 2017-2018 we introduced archery and a after school outdoor activities club.

We are part of the Barnet Partnership for School Sport which provides sporting opportunities for schools in Barnet. We aim to be involved in all level 2 sporting events for both genders and involve as many children as possible throughout the school year.

KS1 and KS2 Competitions and Festivals/events that we participated in during 2017-2018

Bronze Ambassador Training


Cross Country


KS1 Multi-Sports Festivals


Year’s 1-2 football tournaments

Year’s 3-6 football tournaments – Male and female teams

Tag Rugby

High 5/Netball

Swimming Gala

Dance Festival





Over the next academic year we will aim to develop further upon our achievements.

This year we have been promoting healthy lifestyles for our children. Our children have been taking part in daily runs around our school grounds and all children from EYFS to Year 6 are being given more opportunity at lunchtimes to play a wide variety of sport. The PE specialist has also been discussing how important a healthy lifestyle is. This has been promoted using Change 4 Life resources and looking at the children’s meal plans in detail. We have also introduced soft archery in school PE Lessons and we are aiming to add a new sport/activity this year.

Our aim is create a more competitive and healthy school environment for our children. This will enhance our stature and make us a more competitive school when competing in the borough.

Ofsted Nov 2014

 ‘Sport has had a high profile in the school for many years. The new Sports Funding is being used effectively to provide even more opportunities for pupils to take part, and be successful, in a wide range of sports.’