School Priorities 2018 - 2019 



Whole School Priorities-to move us to Outstanding

Effectiveness of leadership and management

To ensure leaders at all levels  have a clear vision and improvement plan for their area, which focuses on improving teaching and learning, and outcomes, especially for disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils.

To develop curriculum leaders to lead non-core subject areas

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

To develop a robust system for tracking attainment and progress of children in the ASD provision

To ensure high quality inclusive practise across the school

To ensure Teaching Assistants are effectively utilised to close the gaps for boys, disadvantaged children and children with SEND

To develop the wider curriculum and ensure challenge and progression in other subjects

Personnel development, behaviour and welfare

To develop pupil voice across the school

To continue to work with pupils to challenge all forms of bullying

Outcomes for pupils

To improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and boys in writing across the school

Effectiveness of the Early years provision

To continue to develop high quality outdoor provision and active learning to

Improve outcomes in Literacy especially for boys

Improve outcomes in numeracy for EAL children