Leave of Absence Form

Holidays during term-time are not a right. Parents are required by The Education
(Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 to request the permission of the
Head Teacher. All requests are considered on their merits, taking into account the
impact on the child’s learning and other factors, including his or her current
attendance record. The Head Teacher will only agree to authorise your child’s
absence in exceptional circumstances.
Make sure you explain why you are requesting leave for your child.

The Government’s guidance is that going on holiday in term-time because it is
cheaper is not acceptable. You should therefore think very carefully before making
such plans. Taking a cheap unauthorised holiday could cost you up to £100 per
parent per child in fixed-penalty notices or a court appearance if you fail to pay.
If you take your child out of school for a holiday without ever seeking permission,
you can expect to be issued with the relevant number of fixed penalty notices.


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