Welcome to Donnington Primary School

We are thrilled to announce that
we have just received a letter informing
us that 'Donnington Primary School has
successfully achieved the
Unicef UK Recognition of Commitment (ROC)
for your rights-respecting work.'
Congratulations to all children, staff and
community members who have supported us.
Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all our children with high standards of teaching, learning and playing environments, so that each child can develop to his or her greatest potential and be prepared to move forward in study, work and play for their future success.


These aims are underpinned by British Values which are promoted throughout the school environment and across the curriculum.  We celebrate and promote democracy and a respect for the rule of law.  We promote the role of individual liberty with recognition of our different faiths, belief structures, cultural heritages and family structures.  This is done within the context that we share a mutual respect for these differences whilst we identify and celebrate our similarities

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School Office: 020 8451 0761


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Our Year 6 Red Hats undergo training to

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