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3.                                                    Contact Details
4.                                                    Staff List ( to be confirmed)
5.                                                    Statement of Beliefs
6.                                                    School Profile
7.                                                    Admission Procedures
8.                                                    The School Day
9.                                                    Special Needs Children
10.                                               Lunchtime
11.                                               General Information
12.                                               Welfare and School Uniform
13.                                               Sports
14.                                               School Activities
15.                                               Behaviour
16.                                               Child Protection
17.                                               Early Years Curriculum
18.                                               The Curriculum
19.                                               Music Tuition
20.                                               School Governors
21.                                               Statutory Reports
22.                                               Parents and School Association
23.                                               School Holiday List 2010/2011
Contact Details
Elsley Primary School
Tokyngton Avenue
Phone:      020 8902 8003
Fax:          020 8902 4078
Head Teacher:           Ms. Nicola Arundell
Brent Local Education Authority
Chesterfield House
Park Lane
Phone:      020 8937 1234
Director of Education: Mr J. Christie
Chair of Governors
Miss. A. Rigali
c/o Elsley Primary School
STAFF LIST 2010/11
Headteacher  Ms Nicola Arundell
Deputy Headteacher  Mrs Alaka Sarkar
Nursery                                                                   Teacher                                   Ms. Sharine Tyndall (morning Session)
                                                                                                                                Mrs. Kezia Johnson (afternoon session)
                                                                                Nursery Nurse                         Mrs. Nita Patel
                                                                                Teaching Assistant                 Mrs. Iteen Palmer
Reception                                                                                Teachers                                  Ms. Emmanuelle Tymon
                                                                                                                                Ms. Renata Ramanovskyte
                                                                                Nursery Nurse                         Ms. Monica Watson
                                                                                Teaching Assistant                 Mrs. Kajal Tolia
Year 1                                                                      Teachers                                  Ms. Aisha Sheikh
                                                                                                                                Mrs. Sarah Lovell
                                                                                Teaching Assistant                  Mrs. Kausher Manga/Ms. Diane Douglas
Year 2                                                                      Teachers                                  Mrs. Michelle Robertson
                                                                                                                Mrs. Tracy Hamilton
                                                                                Teaching Assistant                  Mrs. Sunila Patel
Year 3                                                                      Teachers                                  Ms. Julie Cassiano
                                                                                                                Mrs. Marcia Markland-Johnson
                                                                                Teaching Assistants                 Mrs. Marzia Khan
Year 4                                                                      Teachers                                 Mrs. Joanna van der Sluys
                                                                                                                Mrs. Rita Sharma    
                                                                                Teaching Assistant                  Mrs. Geraldine Bourke
                                                                                                                                Mrs. Seema Pal
                                                                                Learning Support Assistant     Ms. Tracey Nesbitt
Year 5                                                                      Teachers                                 Mrs. Charlene Duncan-Solomons                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Jacqueline Danvers
                                                                                Teaching Assistant                  Mrs. Randa Yamout/Ms. Alexander van der Sluys
Year 6                                                                      Teachers                                  Ms. Maria Henry
                                                                                                                                Ms. Keryn Smyth
                                                                                Teaching Assistants                 Mrs. Hansa Ruparellia                                                            
Ethnic Minority Achievement Leader                       Mrs. Hemalata Parmar
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator                 Mrs. Charlotte O’Grady                                                                          
Support Teachers                                                    Mrs. Maeve Cronin (Year 1)
                                                                                Mrs. Anne Rushe (Years 1, 2 and 3)
                                                                                Mrs. Monica Morrison (English Curriculum Leader) (Year 3)
                                                                                Ms. Sharine Tyndall (Reception and Year 1)
                                                                                Ms. Shayeemah Ali (Years 4, 5 and 6)
EAL Teaching Assistant                                           Mrs. Shukri Hersi
Welfare Assistant                                                    Mrs. Poonam Bhatt
Site Supervisor                                                        Mr. Paul O’Brien
Admin Assistant                                                       Miss Irene Mitchell
Receptionist                                                            Miss. Michelle Moore
PA to Head & Bursar                                               Mrs Geraldine Sullivan
ICT Technician                                                         Mr. Senthuran Sriskantha
Midday Supervisors                                                 Mrs. B. Sullivan, Mrs. S. Patel, Mrs. H. Ruperellia, Mrs. K. Tolia, Mrs. G. Pitroda, Mrs. K. Manga, Mrs. Singh, Mrs. El-Azizi, Mrs. S. Khalid and Mrs. Parveen
Elsley Primary School
Elsley Primary school is a semi-open-plan school built in 1971. It is a two-form entry school with 480 places including a 60 place part-time nursery. The school is attractively situated at the end of a large playing field. It has its own swimming pool, a large attractive playground and is surrounded by pleasant, well-maintained gardens.
Within the school there are seven class bases, two halls, an ICT Suite, reception/admin office, head’s office, welfare room and staffroom. The nursery is in a separate building beside the school. A separate annex provides parents’ room, small kitchen, deputy head’s office, group learning room and staff work room.
Each of the seven class bases has two teachers and a teaching assistant that teach and support learning as a team. In addition, the Nursery and Reception classes each have a Nursery Nurse. Additional support teachers provide extra support in classes throughout the school.
Teachers draw on a wide range of teaching techniques to support the children’s learning; this may be as part of a whole class, group or on an individual basis
We expect children to achieve high standards in all that they do by encouraging:
·        self-motivation
·        self-discipline and
·        co-operative work
All staff teaching and associate staff are committed to a working equal opportunities policy.
We strongly encourage our parents to play an active role in the education of their children and are always pleased to discuss with parents how best to support individual children.
Admission Procedures
From September 2010, all parent/guardian(s) who wish to apply for a school place at any time in the year will need to contact their local council. This means that regardless of the type of school you wish to apply for, whether it is inside or outside Brent, a community, foundation, academy or voluntary aided school, you must apply to your local council in the area you live. For example, if you live in Brent and want to apply for schools in or outside of Brent, you must apply to Brent Council.
This new process is designed to make applying for a school place as easy as possible by having one main application form to complete. If you are applying to faith schools you will also have to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). The new process means there is only one point of contact for parents/guardians, regardless of how many schools you have applied for.   The council will liaise with you about a school place and will contact you with the outcome of your application.
If you are a Brent resident, the quickest and easiest way to apply for a school place is online by visiting Alternatively, you can call Brent School Admissions on 020 8937 3110 and they will post an application form and information pack out to you.
Attendance 2009/10
In January 2010 the Annual School Census recorded that there were 459 pupils on the register. Of these 52 were children in the Nursery class who attend school part time.
Authorized absence:            5.6 %
Unauthorized absence:        0.9 %
School attendance              93.5 %
The School Day
Nursery            8.55am      11.55am    (morning class)
                        12.15pm    3.15pm      (afternoon class)
Infants             9.00am      12noon
                        1.15pm      3.15pm
Juniors            8.55am      12.15pm
                        1.15pm      3.15pm
ALL CHILDREN need to be brought to school on time each day. This ensures they have a calm and ordered start to the day. Children in Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2 need to be brought by a responsible adult who makes sure that the child arrives and is collected promptly at the end of the school day. They should never be left in the playground unsupervised.
Children from years 3 to 6 are allowed to come into the Junior playground from 8.45am. They should not come into the school playground before this time unless they are supervised by a responsible adult. The school will not accept responsibility for children who arrive before 8.45am, unless the school has made an arrangement for them to come in early for a particular reason.
It is particularly important that children in arrive on time so that there is no disruption to teaching and learning and the day can start in an orderly, calm way.
Please ensure that any late children are signed in at the school office by an adult. Children that are persistently late will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer.
There is no doubt that arriving on time each day can help children make good progress in school.
We understand that all families can have an occasional emergency but children must not be left regularly waiting to be collected at the end of the school day. This is upsetting to any child. We have a duty of care for our children. Children not collected on time on a regular basis will be reported to the Educational Welfare Officer and in extreme cases Social Services.
If we are unable to establish any contact with parents to find out why children have not been collected on time we will need to contact the police or Social Services.
If your child/children are off school, you should ring the school on the first day of absence to explain what is wrong with them and give an approximate date for their return to school. On the day they return to school, a letter confirming why your child/children were absent should be given to the school. For persistent absence the school may require medical certificates from your doctor.
Elsley Primary School does not sanction leave during the school term. If you feel that you must take your child out of school a request form must be completed and an interview arranged with the headteacher. Permission is granted solely at the headteachers discretion.  A request form may be obtained from the school office.
If the headteacher does not give permission for your child to have leave, then a recording of ‘unauthorised’ absence will be reflected on your child’s attendance record. This will result in a meeting with the Education Welfare Officer who may refer you to the Court Officer who can impose a fine.
Arrangements for Children with Special Educational Needs
Some children during their time at school will require support for special educational needs. The school aims to address this by providing children with differentiated learning activities according to their needs.
However, there are other children who require greater support than this offers. After careful and regular observation, the class teacher with the help of the Special Needs Coordinator may decide that the child may benefit from being placed on the Special Needs Register.
These children will each have an Individual Education Plan that is updated twice a year to make sure that their developing needs are being met. Some may be entitled to a specified amount of small group teaching within the classroom from a teacher or a teaching assistant.
A few children who have very specific needs may be entitled to a Statement of Special Educational Need which describes the provision that will be needed for them in school.
Lunchtime in School
At lunchtime there is a choice of:
·        A school meal
·        A packed lunch brought from home
The school meals are cooked at Oakington Manor School and brought into Elsley each day.
School meals presently cost £1.95 each day, or £9.75 per week.
Menus can be obtained from the school office. The children are encouraged to eat a balanced meal including carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruit. Please encourage your child to make healthy choices at home and in school.
There is a daily choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If you wish your child to have school lunch then please:
·        Send payment with them in an envelope each Monday. (envelopes can be purchased from the school office £1 for 20) The children should give the envelope to their class teacher. You must pay in advance and if you wish to change lunch arrangements you must confirm in writing to the school office.
A packed lunch may be sent in a box clearly marked with the child’s name. A fruit drink or water can be sent with the lunch. Sweets and chocolates are not allowed.
Children of parents who receive income support are eligible for free school meals. You should contact the Education Department at Chesterfield House, 9 Park Lane, Wembley, Middlesex.
Healthy Snack
In addition to food at lunch time, children are permitted to have a piece of fruit at morning break-time. Children at foundation stage and Key Stage 1 are provided with a free piece of fruit through the Government Fruit Scheme. Children at Key Stage 2 may bring a piece of fruit from home.
All children are provided with a water bottle to drink from during the day. These are washed out and re-filled daily at school, and sent home at weekends to be washed thoroughly and sterilized.
General Information
We warmly welcome parents who wish to help in the school. Please make an appointment to speak to the Head or Deputy if you feel you would like to offer help. We do need to have all helpers police checked.
At the start of each term children bring home information detailing the work that the children will cover during the term. Many parents find this helpful and use it to assist their children at home.
Parents’ Evenings are held each term when you can discuss the progress of your child and how you can support progress at home. At the final evening in the summer term you will receive a written report on your child’s progress, which will also include targets for the future.
If your child needs to see a doctor or dentist please, if possible, make the appointment outside school hours. Please notify the Head teacher well in advance of a hospital appointment so that we are aware that your child will be out of school. Your child’s teacher cannot give permission for her/him to leave school.
We expect children to bring their own dinner money or other money that needs to be brought to school. This helps the children’s independence, but it needs to be in an envelope with the child’s name and class detailed on the front. Children should not bring any money into school other than dinner money or amounts requested by the school for trips, clubs etc.
All clothing should be marked with your child’s name. 
Although we will do all we can to find lost or mislaid clothing, it must be stressed that the school cannot replace such items.
School Council
We have a School Council made up of a boy and girl representative from classes 2 to 6. They meet regularly with the Headteacher to discuss a range of school issues and to put forward the views of pupils.
School Staff
In order to protect the welfare and safety of all our staff, we adopt a zero tolerance of aggressive, intimidating or threatening behaviour by any person who attends or visits the school for any reason.
The Welfare of the Children
Our welfare officer deals with all injuries and illness that happen in school.
·        If your child is unwell or has had an accident, she will contact you by phone
·        The school MUST have any change to your phone number to ensure that we are always able to contact you
·        The school is only able to administer prescribed medicines to pupils. If your child requires prescribed medicine during school, you must complete a form that is obtainable from our Welfare Officer.
·        Please do not send your child to school if they complain of feeling unwell in the morning
·        The welfare officer is only able to help with injuries and illness that happen in school – if your child has been injured at home, or is unwell, please seek advice from your doctor.
School Uniform
Children wear an attractive and easy to care for school uniform:
·        Green sweat shirt with the school name on it or green jumper
·        Grey skirt, pinafore or grey trousers for girls or green and white summer dress
·        Grey trousers for boys
·        White shirts/blouses or white polo shirts
·        Black SHOES (NO TRAINERS)
·        Dark coat
·        Black, white or green hijab (for those girls who wear one)
All uniform must have your child’s name clearly labeled  – this can help us find missing items. We will try to find any lost items; however, the school does not accept responsibility for your child’s belongings.
Children are expected to have their PE kit in school each day
·        Plain black shorts or jogging bottoms
·        White aertex PE shirt
·        White socks
·        Plimsolls
·        Trainers (junior classes)
In summer, the children will also need swimming kit
·        Swim-suit/shorts (bikinis are not suitable to wear)
·        Swimming cap
·        Towel
If you prefer your daughter to dress more modestly, please send a t-shirt and/or leggings to wear over their swimsuit. It is important that ALL children have their entitlement to swim.
Jewellery and other valuable items
The school accepts no responsibility for jewellery and other valuable items. Children should not wear any jewellery to school, other than small stud earrings and a small watch. If they are found to be wearing or bringing any other jewellery or valuable items to school, they will be sent to the school office where the items will be confiscated and locked away. The parent/guardian will need to make an appointment to come with their child to collect and sign for the item from the office.
Sporting Aims and Provision
As well as covering the requirements of the National Curriculum for PE the school also has a swimming pool which is open during the summer term and the early part of the autumn term. This is immensely popular with the children.
Other opportunities for development of sporting skills are offered in the form of after school learning clubs, such as:
·        Football                                            
·        Netball
·        Cricket
·        Athletics
·        Multiskills
·        Fitness
·        Bodywise
·        Dance
The school takes part in a range of sports competitions and events.
Other extra-curricular activities
The school also runs a range of other extra-curricular activities such as, , art and craft, gardening, choir and others that will be decided throughout the year.
Charges for School Activities
The Governors of Elsley School note that many out of school activities for the children are organized by the school and are part of the extra-curricular clubs offered to the pupils. The teachers are to be complimented on their dedication.
The Governors appreciate that out of school activities, except for visits to the local area require financial support. In compliance with the DFE guidelines, the Governors of Elsley School wish to make the following statements regarding the necessary financing of these educational visits or activities.
·        Charges may be made for individual tuition in playing musical instruments.
·        Charges may be made for the cost of materials for cookery, craft clubs etc, provided that the parents wish to have the finished product.
·        Voluntary contributions may be asked for from parents/carers to finance educational visits. There is no obligation to make contributions and no pupil will be treated differently according to whether any contributions have been made.
·        In the event of the school organizing residential educational visits, the school will provide free board and lodging to those pupils whose parents are in receipt of income support or family credit.
Behaviour in School
We expect our children to behave very well at all times of the school day. We believe that good behaviour, good manners, kindness and thoughtfulness are essential to live in any community. Good behaviour also helps to make sure that your child will make good progress in school; there are strong links between good behaviour and academic progress. We also expect our children to behave well whilst commuting back and forth from school. We are pleased that our parents support these high standards of behaviour.
If children show poor behaviour they will face consequences as outlined in our School’s Behaviour and Cosequences chart. They may for example receive a warning, lose part or all of a playtime or lose a privilege
We always contact parents if poor behaviour happens more than  occasionally.
In cases of serious misbehaviour schools can exclude a child. We are pleased to say that this has been an extremely rare event at Elsley. Examples of extreme misbehaviour could include
·        Repeated incidents of physical abuse of children
·        Repeated verbal abuse of children or staff
·        Intimidating or threatening behaviour – physical or verbal
·        Persistent disruption of lessons
·        Behaviour that could endanger others
·        Theft
Exclusions can be temporary, fixed term or permanent. The requirements for proper exclusion will be followed and parental and pupil rights of appeal will be followed.
We are very proud of the children in school and compliments are often given to us regarding their behaviour in school and on visits out of school.
Good behaviour has long been a strength of the school.
The school has policies for Behaviour and Anti-bullying which parents are very welcome to look at. They deal with how the school manages children’s behaviour and the anti-bullying measures that are in place. 
The Head teacher is aware that parents are anxious about bullying in school and takes seriously the concerns that individual parents bring to her. These concerns are ALWAYS investigated promptly.
Parents should be assured that the school does not tolerate bullying behaviour. Our OFSTED report in 2009 noted that there were few incidences of bullying and that the children said they felt safe at school, trusting the adults and their friends to look after them.
The Head is always made aware of any form of bullying.
Child Protection
Elsley School’s procedure for safe guarding children, are in line with:
Local Safeguarding Board for Children
The school has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
We have a designated member of staff for child protection, who is responsible for referring a child to Social Services if there are concerns about possible abuse. The concerns may be from one or more of the four categories: neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.
The Early Years Curriculum
Children in the Nursery and Reception classes are described as being in the Early Years Foundation Stage of school. The work that they do (the curriculum) is less formal than the other school years and is designed to encourage:
·        Personal and social development
·        Language and literacy
·        Maths
·        Knowledge and understanding of the world
·        Physical development
·        Creative development
During nursery year, children begin to take books home to share with their parents. This allows them to:

·        Learn about handling books carefully
·        Understand about how books work
·        Begin to talk about books in their preferred language
·        Develop a love for books and stories
·        See that books are part of day-to-day living
A short time each day spent with your child happily sharing a book can help give them an excellent start to their formal education. We have a selection of books in two languages where the child’s home language can be emphasised.
The Curriculum
The National Curriculum has determined the curriculum in recent years and our school policies reflect this. The curriculum and the assessment of children are carefully monitored by the head, deputy and curriculum leaders.
Good quality teaching and learning is maintained by planning and preparing lessons carefully and by the Head, deputy and curriculum leaders monitoring teaching and learning in class.
Our school has received important nationally recognized awards that acknowledge our excellent achievements in different areas;
·        Sports Activemark 2004 & 2007
·        Basic Skills 2004 & 2008
·        Healthy Schools 2006 and 2010
·        ICT Mark 2010
The Curriculum for key stages 1 and 2
The school follows the National Curriculum subjects of:
                Maths, English, Science, ICT – known as ‘core subjects’
History, Geography, Music, Art, Design & Technology, Physical Education – known as ‘ foundation subjects’
Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is also taught, often through other areas of the curriculum and in assemblies and class circle times.
Sex and Relationships Education is taught within the school’s aims, values and moral framework, which is sensitive to the needs and beliefs of pupils, parents/carers and other members of the school community. The schools policy on SRE is available in the school office for parents to look at.
Religious Education is taught through the Brent locally agreed syllabus. In our school, we have children and staff from many different faiths and cultures, and it is to the benefit of us all to learn about each other, our beliefs and cultures.
A daily act of collective worship takes place in a school assembly or in class. Elsley has a determination from SACRE to opt out of a broadly Christian act of collective worship, instead providing one that is non-denominational.
We hope that all our pupils will be able to participate in and benefit from all areas of the school curriculum. However, parents can choose to withdraw their child from Collective Worship, Religious Education and/or any part of the schools programme for SRE other than those elements that are required by the National Curriculum Science orders. If they wish to do so, they should contact the Headteacher via the school office. To date, no parent has elected to do this, which speaks strongly of the confidence of our school community.
Music Tuition
In Year 3, all children are taught how to play the recorder during their class music lessons. From Year 4 to Year 6 children can apply to learn another musical instrument taught by a teacher from Brent Music Service. We currently have a number of children learning to play the violin and guitar. There is a charge from these lessons from Brent Music Service.
We strongly value our partnership with parents, and seek to involve them in the work of the school and their child’s education in a variety of ways, such as:
·        Termly parent/teacher consultation evenings
·        Parent Staff Association
·        Parent Governors
·        Monthly newsletters to parents
·        Year group termly curriculum overview to parents
·        Parent helpers in class
·        Curriculum information evenings/workshops
·        Informal drop-in sessions/coffee mornings
·        Parents’ suggestion box
School Governors
LEA Representative Governors                      Elected Parent Governors
                                                                Mrs. R. Parmar
Mr N Parmar                                              Mr. B. Medani
                                                                Mr. R. Singh
Mr. A. Sattar-Butt                                       Ms. A Winfield
                                                                Mrs. S. Khan
Ms M Thomas                                             Mrs J Lynch – Braithwaite
                                                                  2 vacancies
Staff Governors                                         Community Governors
Mrs. Hemi Parmar (Teacher)                                Ms. A. Rigali (Chair)
Mrs. Michelle Robinson (Teacher)                 Ms. R. Pryke
Mrs. Randa Yamout (Teaching Assistant)               Mr. I. Gordon            
Ms. N. Arundell (Headteacher)                     vacancy
Clerk to the governing body: Mr D Sassoon
The Chair and the Clerk to the governing body may be contacted through the school (address as page 1). All correspondence should be sent in a sealed envelope.
Statutory Reports on Key Stage 2 Targets –
Set by the Governing Body
The school’s governing body set percentage targets for the number of children achieving a Level 4 or above in English and Maths at the end of Key Stage 2. Year 6 children completed these SATs in May 2009 and achieved the following results:
Targets set for Level 4+
Actual results achieved
English and Maths level 4= 68%
2 Levels progress in English KS1 to KS2 =  78%
2 Levels progress in Maths from KS1 to KS2 =79%
The governing body has also set the following targets for children at the end of Key Stage 2 in 2010 (that is the children doing SATs in May 2010).
Targets set 2010
Actual results achieved
English and Maths Level 4+
= 63%
         Awaiting results
2 Levels progress in English KS1 – KS2 = 85%
         Awaiting results
2 levels progress in Maths KS1 – KS2 = 88%
Awaiting results
Elsley Parents and School Association
Elsley PSA
Elsley Parents and School Association was established in April 2001. The aims of our organization as set out in the constitution are:
·        To promote co-operation between parents and the school in everything pertaining to the wellbeing of the school and its pupils
·        To help the school by providing books and equipment from money raised by the PSA
·        To facilitate the above by organizing social, education and fundraising activities.
To date we have organized several fundraising events including ice-skating, discos, Summer Fair and East Egg activities.
At present we are raising money for our playground project; our aim is to make the playground ‘a playground to be proud of’. Children, parents and staff have given us their ideas and have come up with some original suggestions. Most recently an activity trail was installed in the Junior playground, the picnic tables were renewed and table-top games installed. 
The PSA is made up of parents, carers, staff and friends of Elsley School. We are always pleased to welcome new members and volunteers who can help us with our activities. If you are interested in helping us, or in playing and active part in the PSA please contact us via the school.
Our desire is that we work together for the benefit of all our children in the school community.
School Term Dates and Holidays 2010/11
Autumn Term
First Day of Term for children
Half-term Holiday
Last Day of Term
Thursday 2nd September 2010
Monday 25th October – Friday 29th October 2010
Friday 17th December 2010
Spring Term
First day of Term for children
Half-term Holiday
Last Day of Term
Spring Holidays
Wednesday 5th January 2011
Monday 21st – Friday 25th February 2011
Friday 8th April 2011
Monday 11th April – Monday 25th April 2011
Summer Term
First day of Term for children
Half-term Holiday
Last Day of Term
School closed for Staff Training Days
School closed for May Day Bank Holiday
Tuesday 26th April 2011
Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June 2011
Friday 22nd July 2011
Wednesday 1st September 2010
Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd November 2010
Tuesday 4th January 2011
Friday 27th May 2011
Monday 2nd May 2011
Monday 30th May 2011