Welcome to our new Attendance Page. My name is Miss Mitchell and my job is to carefully monitor and improve attendance and to help pupils to achieve 100%.
At Elsley Primary School we take attendance very seriously and will be monitoring on a weekly basis. Any pupils that have been absent without advising the school of a reason will be sent a letter home asking why they were absent.
Absence will then be classified as ‘authorised’ or ‘unauthorised’
Examples of authorised absence are as follows;
Illness (backed up by a daily phone call)
Religious observance (if previously agreed with the Head teacher- normally 1 day)
Funeral/other family circumstances (backed up by a phone call to school)
Leave granted by the Head teacher after meeting with her and completing the necessary form.
Examples of Unauthorised absence are as follows:
Family Holiday (ifnot authorised by the Head teacher in advance)
Refusal by child to come to school (EWO- Educational Welfare Officer will be informed and a home visit will be made)
Days taken in excess of what was arranged
‘we thought term started on a different day!’(All students receive the same holiday information and the dates are posted on this website)
Attendance Awards
Each week at the Infant and Junior assemblies awards are given to the class with the best attendance and the best punctuality. The Head teacher will also give a prize each term to the best class for both over the whole term.
LOOK OUT FOR COMPETIONS COMING UP FOR 100% attendance and 100% punctuality!!!!