Instrument hire

It is possible for children learning with the msuic service to hire instruments from us at very reasonable cost

Please contact Camden Music on 020 7974 7239 to discuss whether we have the instrument you require in stock at present, and to arrange collection.

The cost of hire varies according to the cost of the instrument.

CLICK HERE to see more about Instrument Hire on the Camden Council website




If you are hiring it is advisable to insure the instrument in case of loss or damage. Most instruments will have a serial number to quite to the insurer.

If the instrument is your own, make sure the case is marked and that you know the make model and serial number if it has one.

Insure it on an all risks policy to cover travel between home and school.

Most household insurance policies do not fully cover musical instruments that leave the home.

One company specialising in the insurance of musical instruments is Allianz Cornhill (formerly know as British Reserve). The cost of the insurance will depend on the value of the instrument.