Primary Music Technology



Composition projects at Camden CLC or Brecknock Media Room

Whole class, day projects using Logic and Audacity on Apple Macs at the CLC.

Small group Mac projects, audio, video, green screen recording at Brecknock.

Projects can link with your wider opps work or other areas of the curriculum.

Funded through your schools CLC SLA.

Book with Gillian Ingram at Camden CLC ([email protected])

More information, contact Rod ([email protected]) or Sheena ([email protected])



Recent Work

- St George the Martyr Year 6 - CLC Logic Projects
- Fleet Year 3 - Pentatonic PINs
- Kentish Town Year 6 - Kentish Town Videos
- Brookfield Year 5 - CLC Logic Projects
- Hampstead Parochial Year 6 - Music for a Mayan fashion show
- St Christina's Y6 2018 - 12-tone music for pianos and percussion
- St Mary's Y6 - Logic X Projects
- Primrose Hill Y4 - Logic Pro X Projects
- Christ Church Y5 - Christ Church Bells
- Our Lady Y4 - Music for Kings Cross videos​
- St Mary & St Pancras Y4 - Music for Kings Cross videos
- Eleanor Palmer Y6 _ WW2 music & video
- Christopher Hatton Y4 _ Drums & Bass
Mind the Gap - Autumn 2017
- St George the Martyr Year 6 - VERSE:CHORUS
- Holy Trinity NW3 Year 6 - 12 tone music
- Christopher Hatton Year 6 - 12 tone music
- Holy Trinity Year 4 - 'Me and my robot'
- St Eugene Year 4 - 'Me and my robot'
- Christopher Hatton Year 4 - 'Me and my robot'
- St Christina's Year 6 - 12 tone pieces for 2 pianos & percussion
- Compositions for Percussion Duet
- Compositions for Recorder Quartet - RAM Concert videos
- Unexpected Item (in bagging area) 

Music for Rainforests - Fitzjohn's Y4  
Compositions for Samba Band - St Michael's Y4  
PIN Music - Edith Neville Y4  
Mint Tea Adverts - Brecknock Y4  
'Christ Church Bells' - compositions & video by CCNW3 Y6  
Emmanuel Y3: 'Broken Consort'  
Torriano Y6: 'Wind Power'  
Our Lady Y5: Pieces for guitars & recorders  
Edith Neville Y5: Pieces for guitars & recorders  
Compositions for Recorder Quartet​ - including performance videos at RAM  
Brecknock Y4 - Songwriting  
Edith Neville Y6 - music for King's Cross Videos  
Fleet Y5 - music for WW2 videos  
Argyle Year 6 - Drum 'n' Bass  
Emmanuel Y4 - Music for Natural Disasters  
Emmanuel Y3 - Music for orchestra  
St Christina's Y5 - Journeys into Space  
St Mary & St Pancras Y4 - Hockets & Paradiddles  
St Mary & St Pancras Y6 - Music for King's Cross videos  
Brookfield Y4 - Natural Phenomena  
St Eugene Y4 - Ancient Egyptian influences  
St Patrick's Y6 - Music and animation on a theme of suspense  
Compositions for string quartet - whole class violin schools  
Christ Church NW1 Y6 'Being Followed'  
Fanfare for the Albert Hall  
Fleet Y5 2013: Music for Magic Me  
St Patrick's Y4 2013: Fanfares for brass, timpani & body percussion  
Fitzjohn's Y5 2013: African Soundscapes  
Brecknock Y5 2013: Music for dancing to  
Gospel Oak Y4 2013: Natural Phenomena  
New End Y4 2013: Compositions for recorders  
St Aloysius Y5 Compositions for fifes, violins, guitars & glockenspiels  
St Patrick's Y6 Song  
Eleanor Palmer Y6 compositions for strings  
Gospel Oak Y4 Petatonic PINs  
Gospel Oak Songs  



















New End Y4: Compositions for recorders. Group 1
New End Y4: Compositions for recorders. Group 2
St Aloysius Y5: Compositions for violins, fifes, guitars and glockenspiels
Brookfield Y4: Music for Mythical Monsters
St Mary's Y6: Music for Natural Phenomena
St Patrick's Y6: Songwriting
Christ Church N1 Y6: 'I have a dream'
Richard Cobden: Garageband on the iPad
St Joseph's Y3: Compositions
Gospel Oak Y4: Pentatonic PINs
Gospel Oak Songwriters
Eleanor Palmer Y6: Compositions for Strings
New End Orchestra: Compositions for Orchestra