Wider opportunities

Whole class instrumental teaching in primary schools

What is the Wider Opportunities Scheme?
It’s a government-initiated scheme designed to meet the pledge set out in the Music Manifesto that over time, every KS2 child should have the chance to learn a musical instrument.  Wider Ops projects achieve this through whole classes learning instruments and playing together as a group.

Why is it a good idea?
This scheme means that every child has the chance to have a go at learning an instrument, irrespective of whether they can afford to pay for lessons or whether they or their family think of themselves as the sort of person who learns an instrument. Having a go as part of a class activity empowers children and allows them to make informed decisions about taking up an instrument more formally and make a commitment to it in terms of time and, ultimately, money.

Please click here for to download a copy of our “Wider Opportunities in Music – a Guide for Camden Parents”

Wider Opps Recorder Resources

St Aloysius Y5 Compositions for fifes, violins, guitars & glockenspiels

New End Year 4: Compositions for recorders