Saturday Centres

We have two Saturday music centres.

Junior centre is based at Brecknock Primary school, Cliff Villas, London NW1 9AL. For children ged 0 - 6 our CRESCENDO music classes offer a range of  fun ntroductory music activities. for children aged 6 to 10 we offer a wide range of activities including CAMJAM VOICES the junior section of the Camden Youth Choir, CAMBAND our beginners orchestra and music technology, drumming and keyboard groups.

Senior centre is based at Camden School for Girls. We offer a comprehensive range of instrumental tuition, orchestras and instrumental groups, choirs including the Camden Youth choir, together with theory classes, exam preparation, chamber groups, music technology and composition.

Most of our students live or go to school in Camden, but if you live outside the borough but would find it more convenient to attend our centre you are very welcome to apply.

CLICK HERE to find out more on the Camden Council website (including how to apply, membership fees and term dates)