School dinners
There is a planned three week menu and there is always a vegetarian choice and a salad bar. The dinners are delicious and nutritious. If your child has particular dietary needs in terms of allergies or religious reasons, please let us know.

We operate a ‘cashless’ system, where you will have to pay online using a credit / debit card, or with cash at a paypoint store, using a paypoint card. In line with our debt policy, we are unable to provide a school meal unless you are up-to date with your payments and no more than one day behind.

Packed Lunches
You are welcome to send in a packed lunch for your child as an alternative to school dinner. We do ask that you ensure that it is a healthy balance: we know that children learn much better in the afternoon if they have had a healthy lunch without too many additives.

A few suggestions would be:

Include a balance of protein, carbohydrate and vegetable / fruit
Maybe one treat – a packet of crisps, a biscuit a small cake, not every day, but no sweets.
We discourage chocolate and jam sandwiches: they taste nice but have little nutritional value!
Please don’t send in products with nuts in, particularly peanuts because of allergies.
Water is provided but your child may prefer to bring a small carton of juice
    (no glass, no cans, no fizzy drinks, and preferably no sugar!)

Contact Parentpay:


Currently school dinners cost £2.10 each.

If a child forgets their packed lunch they will be given a school dinner and payment requested the next day.