What we do, is best summed up as:

Excellence and Enjoyment
The key to all of this
is confidence and self-esteem.
In the words of
Martin Luther King,
what we want most is
for our children to be
 ’proud of who they are’
confident people and confident learners.

This means lots of things:

Everyone at Broadmead is a learner, and we all learn together.
Respect for everyone is essential: we listen to each others’ contribution.
Everyone is included, whoever we are, wherever we are from, whatever we can and can’t yet do.
We expect great things and high standards from everyone and we support each other to be our best.
We celebrate our differences and learn from each other.
We try to make learning meaningful, relevant, exciting and fun.
The most important things we learn are about ourselves and other people, and how to learn: we call this emotional intelligence.
We encourage enquiry and questions, taking risks in our learning, being creative.
We try to ensure that everyone is safe at school and feels valued, so that they can learn successfully.