Autumn Term Events

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Year 4 Hall Place   5B Class Assembly   4GP Unicorn Theatre
Year 5 Art Workshop   Year 2 London Zoo   Year 5 Swanage
Year 4 Globe Theatre   4B Bacchus and Ariadne   Year 6 Art Workshop
Take one picture 1   Take one picture 2   Take one picture 3
Big Foot Theatre   6S Way Home   International Evening
1T Dulwich Picture Gallery   Year 1 Diwali Party   5H Victorians Assembly
Year 4 Mock Tudor Band   Eltham Lights Up   Year 1 Heritage Centre
4GP Macbeth   Snow at School   Cat's Grin Theatre
KS1 Christmas Production   A present for the baby   World War Two Day
KS2 St Luke's Concert   Polar Express Day