Knuffle Bunny
Class 1B Assembly

     Trixie was very excited when Dad took her to school. Today Knuffle Bunny was going to school too and she was looking forward to showing him to all her friends.
Things did not go according to plan. Trixie couldn't believe it when she saw that Sonia also had a Knuffle Bunny! She didn't want to see all her friends any more.  
  All of the other children had fun playing games in the playground.

Trixie and Sonia had an argument with the Kbuffle Bunnies.

Knuffle, knuffle, knuffle!

Knuffle, knuffle, knuffle!

  Their teacher took the Knuffle Bunnies away.
Trixie and Sonia were not pleased!
It was not a good day.
  At the end of the day the teacher gave back the Knuffle Bunnies and the girls raced off home.
When Trixie got home she had her tea and went to bed. So did Dad.  
  During the night Trixie woke up. It was good to have Knuffle Bunny back but.....Oh no, she had the wrong Knuffle Bunny!
She went and woke Dad.
The dads talked on the telephone and arrangements were made to swap the Knuffle Bunnies. Everyone put on their coats and set off into the night.  

They met up and the girls gave each other the correct Knuffle Bunnies. The dads shook hands and the girls told each other how glad they were to have the bunnies back.

And that is how Trixie and Sonia became best friends.

We have been writing about the Knuffle Bunnies and painting pictures. You can see them on our class page.