Whoops-a-daisy angel
Early Years Christmas Production

  There was once an angel. Her dress was untidy and her hair was crooked. She was very forgetful and the other angels called her Whoops-a-daisy Angel.
All the other angels got a special job but Whoops-a-daisy never got anything important to do.    
  Some Rainbow Angels sang a song about ten little angels on Christmas morning.
Whoops -a-daisy wished she had an important job to do but the only job she ever got was counting snowflakes.  
Then one day Whoops-a-daisy was given a very special job to do. She had to tell some shepherds about a baby.
  The baby was with Mary and Joseph in a stable in Bethlehem.
There were animals in the stable where the baby was laid in a manger.  
  Some shepherds came to see the baby.
Some kings came to see the baby too.
They brought him gifts.
Then all the angels, snowflakes and musicians came to join the baby in the stable.
For once Whoop-a-daisy had got it right!
  Well done to all our children in the Foundation Stage
and thank you to the narrators who spoke so clearly
to tell the story of Whoops-a-daisy Angel.