It's a Party!
KS1 Christmas Production

Welcome to our story.
It's one you just might know.
It happened once upon a time
Two thousand years ago.

  Angels told us of a party and introduced us to the guests at the party.
Mary was visited by an angel who gave her some news. She shared her news with Joseph who was rather surprised. There was no time for thinking about the news as a messenger brought a scroll with instructions to go to Bethlehem.  
When they arrived in Bethlehem there was nowhere to stay.
  Mary and Joseph had to rest in a stable where Mary had a baby.
Some shepherds were visited by an angels who told them about the king who had been born and they set off to look for the baby.  
  There were some very energetic shepherds who were getting their dance moves prepared for the party.
There were kings who journeyed
to look for the baby king and join the party.
  They had a lot of followers who also had some great dance moves.
All the travellers met at the stable where the baby was laid in a manger.
Then it was time for the party to begin!