Christmas Long Ago
Key Stage 2 Christmas Production

Year 6 introduced the Key Stage 2 Christmas production 'Christmas Long Ago'.
A grandmother was telling her grandchilden about how Christmas started long ago.   It began with a visit from an angel to a girl called Mary. There was news for Mary about a baby.
That was the start of a long journey for Mary and Joseph as they had to be registered in Bethlehem. Alas, when they arrived there was no room at any of the inns.  

Some carol singers were singing about the shepherds watching their flocks at night.


The shepherds were looking after their sheep, keeping awake by telling each other dreadful jokes.

  Then there was panic as one of the sheep had gone missing. Shaun was soon found and the shepherds and sheep performed a very entertaining dance routine.


An angel appeared to the shepherds and the sky was soon filled with angels all doing a dance and then singing. Angels, especially those in Year 3, are very versatile.

The angel's message to rise up had the shepherds on the move again and joining with all Year 5 to sing.
  There were kings travelling to see the baby. They asked King Herod where he might be but he wasn't in the palace.

Year 4 told the story of The Three Kings in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Three Kings came riding from far away,
Melchior and Gaspar and Balthazar;
Three Wise Men out of the East were they,
And they travelled by night and they slept by day,
For their guide was a beautiful, wonderful star.....

The kings brought their gifts to the stable........   .......where the shepherds were visiting the baby.
Year 6 sang The Little Cradle Rocks.
The choir sang Silent Night around Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus.
All the children joined in singing Merry Christmas Everyone.

Thank you to Revd Elaine for hosting our Christmas Production at St Luke's Church.
Thank you for your kind donations to Crisis at Christmas.