Lantern Workshop
Class 4P

  Michelle and Tasha from Emergency Exit Arts came to work with us at a Lantern Workshop to make lanterns for the Eltham Lights Up Parade on 17th November. All the lanterns this year are based on local landmarks. We made lanterns showing Severndroog Castle in Castle Woods.
The first task was to cut out a castle, trees and a moon. We tore or cut blue tissue and cellophane for the sky.  
  When we had all our pieces ready we had to lay them on a piece of white tissue in a laminating pouch.
Once the pieces were stuck down the pouch had to go through the laminator. When one side of the lantern was prepared we had to make another side in the same way.  
  When two sides were laminated we were ready to fix them together to make the lantern.
We had to measure in from the sides of the laminates then fold back the edge. We stapled the two sides together and added  a handle and ribbon for decoration.  

Here are some of our finished lanterns which will be mounted on canes for us to carry in the parade.

Thank you Tasha and Michelle for helping us.