The Snow Queen
Class 4B and Class 4P assemblies

Year 4 literacy work has been based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.
The book consists of an introduction and six linked stories.
Both 4B and 4P assemblies explored the first few stories of the book.
It all started with a wicked troll...





The wicked troll was delighted when he made a mirror which made everything good and beautiful shrink up to nothing when it was reflected in it, but all those things that were ugly and useless were magnified and made to appear ten times worse than before.



The wicked troll thought all this was highly entertaining, and he chuckled at his clever work.
Class 4P performed this part of the story with music and dance.



Both classes shared some creative writing involving a mirror twist
which turned something good and beautiful to something bad and ugly.


Goblins carried the mirror from place to place. They flew high into the sky, so high that the mirror escaped from their hands and fell to the earth, breaking into a million, billion little pieces. Each little fragment of the mirror still retained its power to distort and the splinters of glass entered the eyes or hearts of people making them cold and hard.




One fragment of glass entered the eye of Kay who turned against his best friend Gerda. Instead of spending time with her he went out into the snow to play on sledges with other boys from the town.




4B recited one of the poems they had written about the snow covered landscape.
Click here to read the poem.





While he was playing in the snow Kay was taken away by the Snow Queen, a tall, slender and dazzlingly white lady, in her large sledge.



Gerda decided she would search for Kay but did not want her grandmother to worry when she did't come home. 4B wrote letters to her grandmother from Gerda.

Both classes still had more reading to do to find out about Gerda's search for Kay and the people and animals she met on the way.