6S Way Home
Class assembly

Year 6 have been studying the book 'Way Home' by Libby Hathorn.
The story about a boy who has left home and lives on the streets is illustrated by Gregory Rogers.
  We thought about what it might feel like to have no proper home or comfortable bed. We imagined sleeping amidst newspapers and boxes close to busy streets.

In the story Shane, the boy, befriends a stray cat. We dramatised Shane's growing attachment to the cat in our assembly.

'Hey, you Scaredycat......I like you and you like me......You'n me, Cat.....We're going way home'

  Shane sees a gang of people who he finds threatening so he runs with the cat through the maze of streets.

On his way home he sees:
stray cats with piercing eyes of green fire, spitting
a gang, intimidating
the police, organised and controlled
stray dogs, untamed wild beasts
street children, abandoned,solitary,hungry.

  We thought about our wishes for Shane to make his life better:
kind parents who notice him
new clothes
a welcoming and wonderful home.
We made pastel pictures showing some of the scenes from Shane's life and reflecting his emotions.  
We retold our class poem which showed our feelings having read and discussed the book.