Crown Woods Dance Festival



Year 6 enjoyed taking part in the Crown Woods Dance Festival as it was a great expeience; we performed our traditional Indian Dance. When we got on to the  stage it was scary but exciting at the same time. We loved wearing our saris but they were extremely difficult to put on.



 Some of Year 6 also performed the Jai Ho dance which was a really good and funny performance. We practised every Tuesday, with Mr Behan, after school to get it right. On stage it was very nervewracking but the butterflies soon flew away and we enjoyed it so much! It was a great evening and we will always remember it!





Two students from Crown Woods School worked with some of us after school on Thursdays and we performed to Michael Jackson’s Black and White. It was mad because we had to get changed in the corridor as well as putting on our make up and we only had 5 minutes between dances, but we enjoyed the experience!




Class 3HL danced ‘The Rumpus’ from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ at Crown Woods School  and we all really enjoyed it. We had great fun dressing up, having our faces painted and meeting children from other schools. The night was a great success.




Year 4 used Gigolozz 69(Silver Nikan Pure Jumpstyle Remix for their dance.