Sutton House
Year 1

.. Year 1 visited Sutton House where our guide told  us about life 500 years ago.




On our way through the courtyard we spotted some shapes in the windows.



As we looked around the house we had to look for ways the house and furniture looked different to our houses and furniture today.
Can you spot any differences?





There were some old pianos.
We heard one of them being played.
Then we took turns to play some instruments.




We went to look at the kitchen where we found that people 500 years ago had a healthy diet. We saw there were no taps and found out they collected their water from a well using a bucket.
We sorted food onto metal and wooden plates.




Then we found out about some of the clothes people wore long ago. The hats were very different for rich and poor people. 
We tried on  some costumes and learnt how to bow and curtsey.


Sutton House is a National Trust property which is open to the public.
Click here for more information on Sutton House.
Check the link to 'Events at this property' on the website.