The Selfish Giant
Year 3

Year 3 based their Literacy work around the Oscar Wilde story  'The Selfish Giant' during the second half of the Spring Term.
At the end of term they performed the story with music, dance and drama to their parents and gave a second performance to the rest of the school.

There was a beautiful garden filled with flowers where children loved to play.
The garden belonged to a giant who returned one day and frightened the children away. He put up a sign saying 'Trespassers will be prosecuted' and built a wall around the garden.

Winter came. The wind blew through the trees and the frost and snow covered the branches in a white coat. When Spring came to the world outside the garden remained in its winter sleep.

When the giant began to realise his garden was no longer a beautiful place he was dismayed but a change was about to happen.......