General Information

Earlsmead caters for children from Reception to Year 6. A maximum of 60 pupils can be admitted to each year group, usually divided into two classes.
The school gates open at 8.45am, when pupils are welcomed into their classrooms. School starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm.
Reception pupils follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. They experience play-based learning, both indoors and out. As they mature, more formal learning activities are introduced.
Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 are taught following the National Curriculum. Maths and English is taught daily, with Information and Communication Technology used throughout. Other subjects such as science, history, geography, art, design and technology, and music are taught through topics, with weekly opportunities for PE, specific ICT skills lessons, PSHE and RE.
At Earlsmead, the curriculum embraces knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes. It encourages the physical, mental, spiritual, moral and cultural development of pupils. We work hard to ensure pupils enjoy their learning and achieve as well as they are able.
Policies are available, and parents have open access to their child’s records, both on written request.
If you are thinking of joining us, please contact the school in order to arrange a tour.  These tours are held regularyly throughout the year and last about an hour.
Reception Applications
For children starting in reception in September,  Harrow co-ordinate the admissions process.  This means if you live in Harrow you only need to complete Harrow's application form.  You can list six primary schools on the application form.
The application form can be completed on-line or a paper application form can be obtained from the school you intend to put first on your application.
Admission other than at normal times
If you would like your child to join Earlsmead at a time other than at the start of reception,  you should contact Harrow Civic Centre, admissions for an application form.
When your child has been offered a place at Earlsmead, you will be offered a meeting with a member of our leadership team.  This is to ensure that we have all the necessary information to make your child's start at Earlsmead as smooth as possible.  It also give you an opportunity for you to ask questions and tour the school.
Assembly is a key feature of each day, with an opportunity for all pupils to come together, celebrate achievements, hear about work in different classes and to reflect on the theme of the week. Our assemblies are predominantly Christian in ethos.
Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from assemblies and RE lessons if they so desire. If you wish to discuss this, please make an appointment with the Headteacher.
Class assembles and special assemblies take place on a Friday. Please see the parents page to find out what assembly is taking place this week.