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Below, you will find links to various sites. Most of these are free, but some are subscription sites which feature a wider and deeper range of activities and resources. Whilst not being responsible for the content of these sites, we invite you to explore them for additional educational activities for your children. Please ask at the school if you have any queries, and also if you have discovered a good site we might add to this page.

Subscription Sites


A massive site with high quality fun activities
in most primary educational areas. You can try out activities before subscribing, and there are different options including accompanying booklets. You can pay with Tesco Clubcard/Boost vouchers for a better deal.
A website which inspires children to learn spellings more quickly and effectively. This sister site to Mathletics provides a high quality programme at your child's level. A free trial is available.

A site packed with many
maths and English activities
for primary age  


Boot Camps is complete revision course for Literacy, Maths, Grammar and Science the end of Key Stage 2. Some free activities, then you subscribe. Connected with a commercial site, but a large range of quality activities.

Free Sites

Find what you need from the Internet!

Search for articles, images, videos and much more.

Microsoft's search facility



Particularly good if you need an answer to a question



A trusted name for searching infomation on many different areas

The simpler version of the world-wide reference tool


The very popular online encyclopedia. Very useful, but like any online resource, must be handled with caution - don't believe everything you read - cross reference to be sure!!!


Woodlands Junior


A massive resource covering many areas covered at school 

News and Interest

An excellent resource for research on Geography, Animals and World Issues 





By Jenny Eather

Wow! A brilliant site for finding out about and getting better at different types of writing!

Reading Matters

Children's book reviews, written by children for children, for use at school and at home. Read other children's opinions and add your own!



BBC's Website for revising what you have learnt in English, Maths and Science. Also known as Revisewise.



Maths Dictionary


Woodlands Maths Zone

Maths area with loads of activities in all areas of maths. Let us know what your favourite one is!

A selection of maths problems and puzzles taken from the maths enrichment website. Penty to keep you going no matter what your ability in maths!!!

3d Shapes Interactive 

A great site for experiencing 3D shapes, and assessing what you know about them.

Equivalent Fractions 

A great way to really get fractions inside your head! 

2D and 3D Shapes


Good for visualising and learning about 2D and 3D shapes






Live pictures from a South African Wildlfie Reserve - day and night! 

Explore the...


See the motion of the Earth, Moon and planets in our Solar System 

Moon Phase Simulator

 Experience and understand why the shape of the moon appears to change over 28 days

 BBC  Science

Revise what you have learnt and try activities to help you remember


A variety of activities to help you learn in different areas of science - from simple to challenging!! 

The North American Space Agency's website for children


Use your school subscription to access this site.

(User Name - student12193)
(Password - ask at school and your teacher will tell you)



A great site on music and musical instruments, hosted by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra


*World War 1*

*World War 2*

Find out about the history of World War 1 and 2 including what evacuees were and what their lives were like.