"Deanesfield Primary School welcomes pupils from many different backgrounds, offering a warm, purposeful learning environment." Ofsted 2009

The achievements, attitudes and well-being of every child matters.

We are committed to giving our children every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards and, most importantly, to feel happy, secure and develop a sense of belonging to our school community. We do this by taking account of pupils' varied life experiences and needs, offering a broad and balanced curriculum and by having high expectations for all our children.

We aim to be an inclusive school and actively seek to remove barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individuals or groups of pupils. Equality of opportunity must be a reality for our children and we make this a priority through the attention we pay to the different groups of children within our school:

  • girls and boys;
  • minority ethnic and faith groups;
  • children who need support to learn English as an additional language;
  • children with special educational needs;
  • able, gifted and talented children;
  • children with social, emotional and/or behavioural needs;
  • children with medical and physical needs;
  • children who are at risk of disaffection or exclusion;
  • travellers;
  • asylum seekers.

Our Inclusion Manager works alongside teachers, support staff, the local authority, specialist agencies and most importantly parents to overcome any potential barriers that may prevent a child from thriving at school or accessing the curriculum at a relevant and appropriately challenging level.

Our relationship with parents is a partnership and an important part of the Inclusion Manager's role is to support parents and teachers within that partnership.

As a school, it is our aim to identify potential barriers as early as possible. The earlier action is taken, the more responsive a child is likely to be. So, if at any time you have any worries or concerns regarding your child's well-being at school or would like some clarification about your child's provision or progress, our Inclusion Manager, along with your child's class teacher, is someone you may consider contacting via a quick telephone call or perhaps by arranging a time to come in and have a chat.

"pupils at an early stage of learning English achieve well" Ofsted 2009