Making Our Mark

February 2013

At Deanesfield, we are committed to providing our children with the essential knowledge and skills needed in order to be able to live fulfilled lives. This commitment was acknowledged for a third time by the Primary Quality Mark Agency which awarded us our third Primary Quality Mark.

An external assessor visited the school to discuss our approach to the teaching and learning of English and mathematics with senior leaders, tour the school to see how well the children are learning and scrutinise a range of evidence we were asked to provide in order to ensure we met all the requirements.

Our assessor was very impressed with what he saw and made a special comment about the high quality information we provide to parents through our regular meetings and workshops which we evidenced by showing him the Parents and Carers room in the MLE where all the presentations and support booklets used at these meetings are available to view and download.

As usual, our children’s hard work to master the basic skills was also commented on and we are delighted that we can all be confident they are developing the tools needed to achieve great things.