Admissions- visiting Gillespie
Tours take place once per month on a Tuesday morning. They start at 9:10am and last approximately one hour (please arrive just before 9:10am). Tours can be extremely busy before the Reception class application deadline in January; and we are unable to conduct personal tours outside of these; so please book early to avoid disappointment. The tour will be of the whole school starting with Year 6 and working your way down the school finishing in the Nursery class.
Admissions (Reception class)
Applications to the Reception class are made initially to the Local Education Authority, Islington Council.
Admission to Reception has one intake- in September. Admission authorities for primary schools must provide for the admission of all children in the September following their fourth birthday. However parents can request to defer entry until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year (the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday).
Please see Islington Council's website* to apply for a Reception place, see their Admissions Policy and read their acceptance criteria.
In year admission applications for Reception class are to be made via the above link or completing a form at the school office. If completing online the application will be sent to both the school and the Admissions Team. The school will reply shortly after to say whether a place is being offered or not. Schools take control of their Reception Class waiting list in the January following the September entry eg) children who were not successful for September 2014 Reception class places can contact the school office from January 2015 for an update on their position on the waiting list. 
Admissions (Years 1-6)
Entry to other classes is dependent on availability of places. Click here to go to the Islington Council In Year Admissions page where you can complete an application form. Applications for In Year Admission is dealt with by the School. If your child is not given a place, you may appeal against this decision. The Headteacher will advise you how to do this.
Admissions (Nursery Class)
Nursery admissions are dealt with by the school. To apply please complete an application form obtained from the School Office. Admission to Nursery has one intake- in September, therefore you must apply by the end of the March before your September admission. Children join the Nursery in the September following their third birthday. Please note- completing an application form does not guarantee you a place in the Nursery and children in our Nursery do not take priority when applying for a place in the Primary School.
Nursery admission for September 2014
Places for September 2014 have now been allocated. We had a record number of siblings apply this year and therefore the number of places offered on criteria including distance was limited. Applications that were unsuccessful at this stage will remain on the waiting list and should any places become available throughout the year we will go back to the waiting list.
Nursery admission for September 2015
The deadline to apply for a place starting in September 2015 is Friday 27th March 2015.