Attendance and Absence
To achieve their full potential, children need to be in school for all lessons, except in the case of illness. We also want children to develop a positive attitude towards school and to learn the importance of punctuality and respect for the rest of the class. That is why we have an Attendance Cup awarded weekly to the class that has achieved the best attendance overall. The results are published on the Punctuality notice board in the foyer and in our newsletter. We also award individual certificates each term for those children who have done better than the government-required 95% attendance rate.
We ask that you make sure your child is at school on time by 8:55 each morning.
If your child is going to be late or unable to be at school, contact the school office at the beginning of the day (and no later than 9:30am) to inform us.
Please let us know in advance if your child is to be absent for a medical or dental (or other) appointment that cannot be scheduled for outside school hours. When your child returns to school after more than two days away because of illness, please send a note explaining their absence.
We also expect you to seek written permission from the Deputy Headteacher if you intend to take a child out of school for any reason. Please apply using an 'Application for Leave in Term Time' form (obtained from the School Office or downloaded below).
We follow the government’s rules on unauthorised absences. Unexplained absence is classified as unauthorised and may therefore be investigated by the borough’s education authority. In exceptional circumstances such as illness in the family, permission can be sought from the Deputy Headteacher for an absence of up to 10 days.