Important Events in the history of Bishop Gilpin School

****THE 18th CENTURY****

1758 The Charity School in Workhouse Lane (Camp Road) is built.

1759 The first pupils arrive - 33 boys, 23 girls.
1773 School is re-named: Wimbledon Free School. Joseph Andrews is appointed as Master.
1782 William Wilberforce becomes Treasurer of the School.

****THE 19th CENTURY****

1803 Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton donate £2 : 2 : 0 to the School.
1813 The School is re-named: Wimbledon National School.
1830s Three separate departments created: Boys', Girls' and Infants'.
1894 The School is re-named Old Central School.
1889 "Old Centrals" FC formed (it later became Wimbledon FC)


****THE 20th CENTURY****

1902 The Boys' and Girls' amalgamate, followed by Infants' in 1924.
1938/9 Mr George Henning, Headmaster. WWII air-raids/evacuation.
1964 Bp. Gilpin lays the foundation stone of the new school, Lake Rd
1965 Mr Henning retires. Mr Ronald Townsend is appointed Head.
1966 School moves from Camp Road to Lake Road; re-named:
Bishop Gilpin Church of England Primary School.
1970s The School is re-organised as a 5 - 9 Primary School.
1990 The Nursery Unit is built.
1991 The School is re-organised as a 3 - 8 First School.
1993 Mr Townsend retires. Mrs A. Delaney is appointed Acting Head.
1995 Mr Robert Cargill is appointed as Head.

****THE 21st CENTURY****

2000s More classrooms built. School re-organised as a 3 - 11 Primary.
2008 Bishop Gilpin School celebrates its 250th Anniversary.