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The Ark OLI after school provision 2018 - 2019



The children have enjoyed making their own animal masks.



'Recycling in Chelmsford' Competition


We are very pleased to announce that we are this year’s winners of the “Recycling in Chelmsford” competition organised by Chelmsford City Council. 
The following Ark children worked together to create a model using recyclable materials as shown in the photos below.
Nanaserwaa Antwi, Amelie Bearman, Enzo Binder, Scarlett Binder, Dawid Blokowski, Constance Corbonois-Ha, Evie Costello, Kaejon Crentsil, Tomas Davies,
Amelia Di Giorgio, Eloise Irven, Jessica Jardim, Juliet Jardim, Orla McLaughlin, Evie Madders, Eli Mawoyo, Shyla Middleton, Keisha Muhera, Theo Peiris, Grace O’Reilly,
Ellis Reed, Fran Rout, Amelia Stamper, Dolcie Stoten, Daisy Wren and Bethan Young.   
 The prize is a full sized recycled plastic bench for our Peace Garden.  Congratulations!