Year 6 At Walsingham House Abbotswick - Friday 8th February 2019

Report from Mrs Lisa McCarthy

Today I was able, in my role as RE coordinator, to accompany Miss Worth and Year 6 on their retreat at Walsingham House Abbotswick.
The theme of the day was all about Jesus choosing and calling his Disciples.
“They put down their nets, and they followed him.”

Matthew 4:18-22

The day began with an opening prayer which demonstrated that we are all called and chosen by God. The children contributed to the prayer by role playing the parts of Jesus and his Disciples in the scripture story when the Disciples were asked to put down their fishing nets and follow Jesus.

The children were then split into 3 groups and took turns to participate in the following three activities throughout the day.


This took place in the chapel. The children sat or lay down on cushions and were led through an in depth and personal refection on the scripture. They were helped to relax, be calm and clear their minds, allowing them to reflect on their own gifts and talents and look into the future with a clear perspective.

“Inside Out” film clip and discussion

In this session the children were shown a clip from a well know animated film. They were then asked to draw “Islands” which reflect their lives now e.g their friends and families, clubs and interests. Then they thought about their future aspirations. The idea was that they could think about how God fits into their lives and who God is calling them to be.

Social justice, Superheroes

Through looking at well-known Superheroes and what they do in stories and films, the children discussed real life superheroes whose charity work changes lives of other people in terms of poverty and social injustice.

We closed with a reflection on the day which we then offered to God in prayer. The children were given a bookmark to remind them of the scripture used throughout the day.

It was a wonderful day, in which all the children took a full and active part. Their behaviour and manners were excellent and I was very proud of every one of them. They were excellent ambassadors for Our Lady Immaculate School.



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