Welcome to Foundation Class

Mrs Claire Irven
Mrs Theresa Humphries
Miss Rachel Carr
Nursery Nurse

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World Book Day




Large apparatus in PE

The children have been working very hard in PE using the large apparatus carefully and safely. They

moved in a variety of ways around and through the equipment. Climbing, balancing, jumping, crawling, swinging

and many other different ways they could think of.




Marshmallows at Forest School

At forest school Mrs Harpur showed the children how to make a fire. She put some tinder

(small dry sticks and twigs) in the fire pit. She also put some cotton wool with the tinder. Each of the

children had a go to use the flint and steel safely. Mrs Harpur added some kindling and then bigger logs to make

bigger flames. After a while the fire was ready to cook marshmallows. 



We have been learning about space. The children have dressed up as astronauts in our
space centre and written messages. They have painted planets and moons with bubbles ans
paintbrushes and used weaving to create a sun. We have played with and made rockets and
counted backwards to blast off. We have read lots of different fictional stories about space and
watched real life clips of astronauts and learnt what some of the planets are like.
On the very last day of the Autumn term the Year 6 buddies came to visit our class to wish the children Happy Christmas.
They had very kindly each written a special Christmas story for their  younger buddy and made them a great reindeer.
The foundation children loved  listening to their wonderful stories and then playing with their buddies. 
Foundation have enjoyed going to forest school. We have hunted for different bugs,
climbed over logs, met Foxy and friends, made different things using natural objects, made
mud pies and mud soup in the mud kitchen, visited Mary's garden, collected water and sat
on logs around the fire circle. We have had a great time exploring the forest school area.


First day in Foundation. Lots of new things to explore.





Our first school dinner on our first full school day.


We have been learning through play and we have lots of ideas. We work together
and we are making new friends.


After reading the story of the Enormous Turnip, we acted it out in class. We learnt that we can do more if
we all help each other. No matter how small we are we can all help and make a difference, like the
mouse in the story. 


We met our Year 6 buddies and looked at some books with them.