Welcome to Year 1

Miss Kate Brierley
We all loved our school trip to Southend! 
First, we went on a coach which we were all very excited about. We had a look around the sea life centre
and learnt lots about all different types of sea creatures. We found out the octopus' have 3 hearts and
that starfish have eyes at the end of each of their legs! We had a chance to touch a starfish and then it was
time for our lunch. Next we had the chance to go and explore the beach, we found crabs, oysters and lots of
lovely stones and shells. To finish of our brilliant trip, we created our own beach art using materials
we could find around us.
In music this term we have created our own rhythm grids using our bodies to make the different sounds.
We have thought about counting in beats of 4 and keeping a steady pace.

World Book Day

                                                                      At smash festival we played games using nets and balls. 
                                                                     'My favourite bit was dropping the balls onto a spot and then hitting it with a racket.' Jack
                                                                     'My favourite was everything! I loved it all.' Florianne
                                                                     'My favourite bit was throwing the balls to each other over a net.' Scarlett
                                                                     'I liked batting the balloons on a racket. You had to do 100 bounces and then you got points.' Ben
                                                                     The team were congratulated on their positive attitude and team work at this event.

To end our Science Topic on Animals, the children have created, in pairs, their own pets out of junk! We all loved

designing them, thinking about which materials to use. After, we considered the different needs of our pet

and designed a poster presenting this.




This term in PE we have enjoyed looking at dance. So far we have explored different ways of travelling from one point to another.
We have particularly focused on different ways we can very a 'creep' and a 'step', by changing the speed, level of movement etc.
The children have had a chance to perform their routine to others in the class, offering feedback on how we can improve.


To begin our new Literacy unit on Poetry, we began by thinking of various nursery rhymes we already knew. 

We discussed what we liked about them and explored the rhythm by clapping along. The children performed their nursery rhymes

with a focus on using expression in their voice, using gestures, standing like a mighty oak and making eye

contact with those watching. 




We have had a super first full week back at school in Year 1! The children have enjoyed reading in our cosy book corner,
creating shows with our teddies playing a star role and making beautiful designs using hammer beads. In Maths we have
had a focus on number, exploring different ways we can sort a variety of items, such as shells, and also how we can
represent number using different objects. We enjoyed representing numbers and finding as many things in the
classroom that we could use!