Welcome to Year 4

Miss Georgina Jacob


We are currently learning line dancing in PE



 Writtle Farming Day


Year 4 were finding all possibilities in a mathematics problem solving lesson.
A question regarding sheepdog trial was an interesting way to share 24 sheep in
different size pens.

World Book Day






Composing Harry Potter themed music


We have also been acting out the characters out of Harry Potter -
explaining their thoughts and emotions during a freeze frame.

We have been having fun practising our times-tables.

Timing how quick we could get the ball round the class.



In science we are testing what makes a liquid or a solid. We experimented with Jelly, shaving foam,
cornflour, salt, sand, water, honey and lots of other materials. 
Here are some photos of the class measuring out perimeters in the playground -
they had to estimate first then measure using metre sticks. 

The class made paper planes with facts about Amelia Earhart - they tested out who would fly the furthest 



As part of our RE and PSHE curriculum, we are looking into what it means to be part of a community. We have explored that
being an active and effective member of a community comes with responsibilities.
We took a trip to the local park with litter equipment to make the local area free from rubbish. Working together to make the area
clean for others to enjoy gave the children an understanding of how they can help change the world's future - even by doing something quite small.


Year 4 designed their own multiplication games as homework - they have all enjoyed trying them out

As part of topic and science we are learning about the digestive system and being healthy - the class drew round their friend, drawing where the organs go.


We have been learning place value in maths this term, the children made roman numerals using lolly sticks and a number line across the classroom
with string.During PE we have been looking Healthy, Happy Heroes - being jungle animals across the room. The class have been building a routine
and improving their performance each week.In year 4 we like to gonoodle - the class have been practising their breathing, stretching and co-ordination
every morning to help with their learning mentality