Welcome to year 5

Mrs Louise Young
 Mrs Stephanie Madders


Year 5 trip to The Globe Theatre

Please click HERE to read some children's recounts of the trip




Year 5 Design & Technology



World Book Day



Year 5 have been carrying out an investigation to identify and explain the effects of water resistance.




Year 5 made parachutes and conducted an experiment to find out the answer to the question:

Does the size of a parachute affect the time it takes an object to reach the ground?'

We had very definite findings!




Year 5 have begun their DT topic 'Making an Anderson Shelter'. We are just at the planning

stage and have been experimenting with paper and trying out different ways of

making it stronger. It was surprising how much weight a paper of paper could hold!

Father Stephen came in to talk to the class, We had a very interesting discussion about

Vocations and Missions in life. 






Year 5 have made a great start to the topic ‘Healthy Happy Heroes’ they
have been working together in small groups to make up short (but tough!)
routines to test their accuracy and stamina. Everyone has learnt that
exercise can come in many different forms and should be challenging and
fun! We have also begun our ‘Earth and Space’ science topic by brainstorming
all that we already know and thinking about where these ideas and evidence
have come from.