Welcome to year 5

Mrs Louise Young
 Mrs Stephanie Madders

Year 5 Make Shelters


Linked to our Space topic, year 5 have been completing some art work in the style
of Japanese ‘Notan’ art. This is a term that means  ‘dark-light’ we have been thinking
about the interaction of both the light and dark in art work and how they work together. 
Tuesday 22nd October, was the best day ever! Year 5 went on a school Trip to the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey. When we
arrived, there was a thrill of excitement surrounding the coach. When we got off the coach, there were four people dressed up as different
characters from World War II. They told us that one of them was a Spy and that we had to keep our eyes and ears open to try and work out who the Spy was.
This school trip was definitely the best one yet because we were all dressed up and in character. We saw lots of things from World War II and felt like we had
actually gone back in time. It was a wonderful experience.  


Year 5 have been looking at the work of Pablo Picasso. We each completed a mini-project
about his life and work. This is the display we created.