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What is Foundation Learning?

Foundation Learning is a flexible framework of qualifications at Entry Levels 1-3 and Level 1, which recognises that there are a large variety of different learners at Entry and Level 1, many with different needs and progression aims. The framework enables centres to create personalised programmes, which meet the needs of the individual learner.

"Foundation Learning has been developed for low attaining 14- to 19-year olds (as well as 19- to 24-year olds with high-level special needs) to help raise their participation, attainment and progression. There is no overarching qualification; instead young people work on a personalised programme that leads to a mix of small, flexible qualifications, as a basis for progression to further learning or employment. Foundation Learning can be delivered in schools and colleges, or by private or third-sector training providers." (DfE website)


Helping schools to meet the demands of the new Ofsted criteria

Ofsted is reshaping the inspection process from January 2012. An engaging curriculum in personal development will have a key bearing on judgements about the quality of teaching and learning and pupil achievement:

“Inspectors will be interested in how well schools are improving the achievement of those groups of pupils whose achievement nationally is not as good as their peers... (They) will evaluate and report on the achievement of disabled pupils and those with Special Educational Needs... consider(ing) how well the school is promoting the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development... These aspects will provide a full picture of the quality of education provided and the experience of the school’s pupils.” Ofsted: The new school inspection framework, October 2011.



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