Grange Primary School Uniform Code


  • White shirt or white polo style t-shirt or Grange t- shirt


Black or dark grey school trousers or tracksuit trousers


Black or dark grey skirt


Blue and white checked or striped dress in warmer weather


  • Grange sweatshirt  (a grey school jumper/cardigan may be worn)


  • Sensible shoes, which children can walk, climb and run in safely and have buckles, Velcro fastenings or laces. Children cannot wear open toed shoes, heels or flip flops for health and safety reasons


  • White, grey or black socks

White, grey or black tights in colder weather

White, grey or black leggings or shorts may be worn under skirts


  • Waterproof coat – preferably with hood


  • Long hair should be tied back. Hair can be covered if preferred.  Reasonable hair cuts and styles are expected.


  • PE kit should be brought to school every Monday and taken home for washing every Friday. Children need t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit trousers and sweatshirt for colder weather (no hooded tops please) with trainers or plimsolls.


No jewellery should be worn apart from one pair of stud type earrings in the ears. Loop earrings, bracelets and necklaces are unsafe in places where groups of children need to take exercise and climb apparatus. Older children who can tell the time may wear a watch, but it must be removed during PE and school will not accept any responsibility for loss.


Three to five shirts or polo style t-shirts will be needed to enable children to wear a clean one each day.


* On Fridays only, children may wear their own sweatshirts or jumpers, with the basic school uniform of dress or white shirt and trousers/skirt. Hooded tops are not allowed for indoor wear. If pupils are on a school trip on Fridays, they must wear a Grange colour sweatshirt or t- shirt, with the recognisable logo.