Our Mission is:

High quality teaching and learning

Enabling every child to achieve

Commitment to professional development

Stimulating, safe and caring environment

Effective communication

Strong community partnership

Where happy children love to learn


Cheam Park Farm Infants School is a friendly and vibrant school with over 400 children aged between three and seven.  We welcome families and friends into the life of the school. We expect all parents to take an active interest in the school and enjoy sharing in the development of their children. Our children thrive in a safe, caring and comfortable environment in which the main 1930’s building houses our colourful classrooms and the more recently built Rainbow House is used for extended provision with additional learning areas.


8.40 School gates open
8.50 School starts
10.40–10.55 Morning play
12.00-1.15 Reception/Year 1 lunch
12.25-1.30 Year 2 lunch
3.10 School ends


We make every effort to ensure that our children are happy and safe. Care and support is given by all the staff throughout the day. Our children know that they can come to any member of staff with their problems and queries at any time. The children know that they are listened to and are valued. WE ARE A HAPPY SCHOOL. If you have any concerns that your child is unhappy in any aspect of school life do not hesitate to contact us. Children have the right to feel safe, secure and happy.


Pupils are encouraged to love learning, through a wide range of experiences that encourage enquiry and curiosity, self-awareness and confidence. The School Council gives all Year 2 children the opportunity to be involved in making school decisions. Our curriculum follows statutory guidelines and is carefully planned to meet the needs, interests and abilities of the children. Key skills in English and Mathematics are developed across all curriculum areas.

“The curriculum is broad, well supported by visits and visitors and provides a rich diet of learning experiences. Staff adapt the curriculum exceptionally well to meet pupils’ needs.” Ofsted report 2010


Throughout Nursery and Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage) children enjoy a play based curriculum to meet their needs and stages of development. Progressing into Key Stage 1 the children continue with independent learning where the curriculum is organised around themes covering a range of subjects. Children are taught individually, in pairs, in groups or as a whole class. They are encouraged to make their own choices wherever possible. 


Through our Home/School agreement staff, parents and children work together to create the community we all enjoy and to ensure that children make the best progress possible. Parental involvement is essential in supporting the learning and development of children. We encourage our parents to be partners in the learning process and we hope they will want to be fully involved in the life of the school.

“Parents support for the school is overwhelmingly positive; relationships and communication between school and home are first rate.” Ofsted report 2010


We offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities to all children. Details of clubs and activities vary from term to term. There is provision for before and after school care for children attending our school.


Any child may need special help at some point in their schooling. This may be because of physical, learning or behavioural issues and may be long or short term. We strive to provide inclusive support for all children to allow full access to the curriculum. The school is also committed to making provision for children who achieve at an exceptionally high level.

“Pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, are happy at school and their achievement and enjoyment are outstanding”. Ofsted report 2010


We achieve this at our school by being clear about what is good behaviour and having high expectations. The children follow our Golden Rules:

We are gentle
We are kind and helpful
We work hard
We look after property
We listen to people
We are honest


Our school asks parents to make a donation to our school fund; this is paid either termly or once a year via ParentPay. These payments enable us to provide activities for the children such as cooking, arts and craft, visiting authors, workshops, Christmas pantomimes and shows.



Children wear a school uniform of jogging bottoms, t-shirt, sweatshirt/cardigan, pinafore or dress and should always have an outdoor coat available.

Main School:

School uniform consists of grey trousers/shorts, skirt or pinafore, white shirt/polo shirt, sweatshirt/cardigan and a green and white dress in the warmer weather. Children should always have an outdoor coat available. PE kits including t-shirts, shorts, tracksuit and plimsolls should be left in school at all times.

All items need to be named and can be purchased from the school suppliers via the internet, over the phone or on the school premises fortnightly. Information for ordering school uniform can be found in the parent zone under useful information. School uniform can also be purchased in local high street stores. All clothing, including shoes, should be practical and hard-wearing!