A school travel plan (STP) is a document which shows how we encourage the whole school community to adopt safer and more sustainable ways of travel to and from school. It consists of annual surveys, consultation with children, parents, governors, staff and the local community, initiatives and activities that are embedded in our curriculum and part of our day to day school life. 




We have an Eco Team which meet at least four times a term, lead by three teachers and eight year two children. We change the Eco warriors half way through the academic year to give others the opportunity to lead the school in activities and initiatives. We also have a Healthy School Committee which meets termly to discuss many areas including healthy schools, school travel plan and our school environment.


The school travel plan has three levels, bronze, silver and gold. We have held a gold (outstanding) travel plan for six years which means we lead our school in numerous  initiatives and campaigns, involve children, parents, staff, governors and the local community, have decreased the car usage over the past eight years and provide many opportunities to teach awareness of road safety and sustainable travel.  It has to be reviewed annually and the gold accreditation has to be re applied for every three years.

Click on this link to read our most recent school travel plan 


If you would like to contact us about our school travel plan please send an email to the school office  [email protected]   FAO Mrs Maskell.



Please click on the links below for useful documents:

Walking and parking pledge – every family must sign this pledge agreeing to help make the roads around our school safe.

5 minute park and stride zone – every year our Eco warriors walk in four different directions for five minutes to work out these walking zones. The ten minute zone is approximately calculated. We encourage families and staff who have to use the car to park five minutes away and wall to school, to ease the congestion around our school.


Please click on the links below for useful websites: - Living Streets is the organisation that runs walk to school months and weeks. - Transport for London check our STP and give us our accreditation. There website has useful links for planning journeys in and around London.  - Brake is a Road Safety organisation which leads Road Safety weeks and has useful resources to support schools delivering Road Safety in the curriculum. - A Road Safety website to support parents and teachers teaching road safety to young children. - An education programme run by British Gas.