At Canon Barnett we want every child to succeed. We recognise that the best way to make that
happen is to work in partnership with our families.

What does that partnership look like at Canon Barnett?

First of all we want them to understand what we do in school:

  • The teachers send home half termly curriculum letters outlining what their child will learn. At the beginning
    of the school year there is also a Meet the Teacher session in each class. Targets in reading, writing and
    maths are set for every child and we send them home so that parents/carers and school can work on them together.
  • There are two parent/carer evenings a year, one in the autumn term and one in the summer term. This is a chance to speak to your child’s teacher about their achievements and how you can support them.
  • The school has curriculum workshops where we explain the subjects that we teach e.g. how to teach phonics, introduce the new handwriting scheme

Secondly we want to further develop the skills that our parents/cares have so we offer a range of workshops and courses:

  • A volunteering in schools course
  • English as Additional language course
  • ICT
  • Parenting course such as Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities
  • A range of creative opportunities such as sewing and silk screen printing

Thirdly we give parents and carers the opportunities to try and further
their work opportunities through:

  • Accredited courses e.g. Translators course, First Aid
  • The opportunity to volunteer in school
  • Leadership experiences e.g. Shoreditch Citizens, East 1 School
    Partnership parent forum