If you wish to exercise your right to appeal for Park Road Sale Primary School please access the Trafford Council Website (Schools/School Appeals) or contact the Democratic Services Section on Telephone No. 0161 912 2798 to request an Appeal Form.  It would also be appreciated if you could arrange to speak to the Headteacher to discuss your appeal before submission.





Offer of Places



16th April 2020



Deadline for lodging Appeals



Monday 13th May 2020

[Note: all appeals received by this date will be heard within 40 school days]



Deadline for Additional Evidence

for on-time appeals



Monday 20th  May 2020


Deadline for Admission Authorities to submit their evidence




Seven School Days before date of the Hearing


Deadline for Appeal Papers to be sent to all parties



Six School Days before date of the Hearing


Appellants will receive:


At least 10 school days’ notice of their appeal hearing


Decision letters within 5 school days of the hearing wherever possible OR where multiple days are required within 5 school days of the last hearing wherever possible.



As applications for in-year admissions are a separate process please note any appeals relating to these will be heard within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal form.